The Cambodia Tech Expo (CTX) 2022 scheduled for next weekend will reportedly feature a FinTech Stage that seeks to gather community input to inform policy decisions on the development of the local financial technology (fintech) sector, as well as to accelerate the creation of digital economy and fintech solutions and applications in the Kingdom.

The government tasked the Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation with organising the event at the Koh Pich Convention and Exhibition Centre in the capital from November 11-13, in conjunction with the ASEAN Summit, the Digital Economy and Business Committee (DEBC) recapped in an October 28 statement.

“Besides the Main, Investment and Startup Stages, CTX 2022 also contains a FinTech Stage, co-led by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, [DEBC], National Bank of Cambodia [NBC], Techo Startup Center [TSC], and CamTech Summit powered by Prudential Cambodia, Cambodian Association of Finance and Technology [CAFT], Association of Banks in Cambodia, and Cambodia Microfinance Association.

“Combining with the annual CamTech Summit, the FinTech Stage will be Cambodia’s first-ever annual fintech expo.

“The FinTech Stage aims to support and foster the digital economy and fintech development in Cambodia by mobilising national and foreign regulators, private enterprises, and relevant stakeholders to connect, better understand fintech trends and innovations, as well as talk through opportunities and challenges.

“[This will better allow stakeholders to] strengthen and expand Cambodia’s fintech ecosystem, take full advantage of the innovations, as well as adapt and prepare for the dynamic development of fintech in Cambodia.

“The public will also avail of presentations and panels on digital banking, insurtech [insurance technology], Cambodia Distributed Ledger’s launch, Web 3.0, cybersecurity in Open Finance, and more, engaged by a host of distinguished experts from national and foreign regulators, banking and financial institutions, insurance companies and associations.

“The FinTech Stage also aims to gather more input for drafting a concise, flexible [Cambodian] fintech development policy,” the statement said.

It added that the forum is expected to be attended by representatives and leaders of the finance ministry, DEBC, NBC, TSC, CAFT, banks and microfinance institutions, universities and research institutions, development partners, other relevant associations and private businesses.

Cambodia Digital Tech Association president Chhin Ken told The Post on October 31 that CTX 2022’s FinTech Stage would greatly benefit the Kingdom, especially the digital tech space which has seen unprecedented levels of adoption.

The forum will showcase new technologies developed by Cambodians and overall progress on innovations to international leaders and experts who are attending the ASEAN Summit, and most likely convince a number of interested participants to invest in the local tech scene, he stated.