Four years from July, 2022, the One Window Service Offices in the capital and provinces had provided the public with more than 2 million services in 14 sectors and earned more than $75 million.

In a social media post, Ministry of Interior spokesman Khieu Sopheak said: “Since we have launched the One Window Service Offices until July 2022 in the capital and provinces, we had provided 2,100,844 services in 14 sectors and earned a total revenue of 303,034,824 109 riel.”

Speaking at at an October 14 press conference held to summarise the ministry’s achievements in the past five years, he said that the One Window Service Offices had been in use in mid-2018.

He added that there are 204 One Window Service Offices in towns and districts. From 2018 through July 2022, these offices had provided more than 7.6 million services in 17 sectors and received more than $19 million in revenue.

He also said that the Ministry of Interior had also examined and provided compliance with a total of 1,886 development projects in the capital and provinces. Most of the projects involved repairs and building physical infrastructure such as roads, public parks, electricity networks, traffic signs and decorative structures.

Sopheak said sub-national administrations across the country had implemented 2,361 funding projects in towns and districts and 9,443 commune funding projects. In addition, under the framework of the 2016-2019 budgetary support funds from the ASEAN Development Bank, the ministry has supported the construction of 7 administrative buildings, district meeting halls and 125 commune administrative buildings, at a cost of $10 million.