Prime Minister Hun Sen requested that the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) help Cambodia register its Geographical Indications (GI) for Cambodian products.

The request was made to WIPO’s Director General Daren Tang on September 16 during his visit to Cambodia to attend the ASEAN Ministers’ Meetings when he met with Hun Sen at the Peace Palace.

Tang told Hun Sen that WIPO had transformed from being just an institution that focused on technical aspects of intellectual property to one that is also focused on development and helping developing countries and that WIPO was willing and able to support Cambodia in that capacity.

“[Hun Sen] had requested that WIPO help Cambodia register Geographical Indications (GI) for Cambodian products,” said Hun Sen’s Facebook post.

Hun Sen said that trade activities in the region are currently increasing, which shows the benefits of the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement have started to be apparent even amid the slow-down caused by the pandemic.

Hun Sen also reiterated his stance against sanctions placed on Russia due to their invasion of Ukraine, because, he said, the severe sanctions cause economic impacts and crises not only in Europe but in many other countries outside of Europe, with Cambodia being no exception.