We are living through obscure and stressful times for people and businesses all around the world, and particularly here in Cambodia, where the economy has been severely compromised due to worldwide travel and shipping restrictions impacting the two biggest industries; textiles and tourism.

At Golden FX Link Capital, we are fortunate to be in the business of derivatives, the only industry to have a real answer during these challenging times.

By taking advantage of the price movements of world financial markets, trading derivatives allows your money to work for you.

Currency exchange rates change daily and commodity prices rise and fall as the market participants react to the changing financial landscape.

Getting involved in trading is something you can do in your free time, and we are here to help you make correct decisions.

As Chief Financial Adviser of Golden FX Link Capital, I welcome and encourage you to follow our weekly updates here on Phnom Penh Post.

Each week will feature one of our company experts with a different view on the direction of major world currencies, oil, gold, and other markets!

Thanks and Cheers to your success!