Shrewsbury School Phnom Penh is offering a $500,000 scholarship programme for the new 2023-2024 academic year to welcome pupils for study at the British-standard educational institution, as well as contribute to the development of the Kingdom’s education sector.

Shrewsbury International School Phnom Penh, which officially opened in early September this year, aims to provide world-class education to the bright young minds that will shape the future of Cambodia and the world.

And to encourage the parents of highly intelligent children to choose Shrewsbury School, it is now launching its Gifted Children Scholarship Programme.

Since opening, Shrewsbury International School Phnom Penh has attracted – among diverse cultures from 11 different nationalities – almost a quarter of “Superior” and “Gifted” pupils, who were identified by an internationally recognised IQ test.

Co-founder and CEO Charles Wong – who has worked in the education sectors of more than 10 different countries across the world over the past 20 years – said Shrewsbury International School Phnom Penh offers the very best of the British education system.

Charles Wong makes a speech at the scholarship awards ceremony. PHOTO SUPPLIED

And founded in 1552 by King Edward VI, Shrewsbury School has more than 400 years of proven effectiveness within this world-class system.

Wong strongly believes in the importance of factual data – and Shrewsbury School UK’s track record is that 20 per cent of its 2021 graduates went on to study at a world top 20 university, such as Cambridge, Oxford and MIT.

“A Shrewsbury education will educate and empower each individual pupil to flourish in life and contribute positively to the world around them.

“This is the focal aim of our school, and we have seen how this positively affects the lives of our pupils – and this is what awaits Cambodian pupils at our school,” he said.

The school will invite UK governors over to Cambodia to share the school’s mission at the Shrewsbury International School Phnom Penh Admissions and Scholarship Application Day on 19 November at Raffles Hotel

Le Royal.

Together with the school leadership team, they will help Cambodian parents understand the enormous benefits of the UK education system that Shrewsbury provides at its international school in Phnom Penh.

The scholarships will be rolled out through the internationally recognised IQ test that comes with an official report. This IQ test is worth $600, and will be free of charge as part of the programme.

“Many gifted children are underperformers due to their undiscovered potential.

“Because of this, we would like to strongly encourage parents to accompany their children to take this professional IQ test to precisely identify and then enhance their intellects,” Wong said.

Se Sochet receives his scholarship from the Ministry of Education’s HE Sann Vattana. PHOTO SUPPLIED

As well as academic scholarships, Shrewsbury School Phnom Penh is pleased to offer additional scholarships for music and sports to Key Stage 2 and 3. Sixteen scholarships will be awarded in 2023-24, compared with the nine offered in 2022-23.

The Shrewsbury scholarship programme is now open for applications until November 28. The results of the scholarship programme will be announced on December 12.

Applying can be done directly at the school or through its website ( or Facebook page (

For all successful applicants set to become Founding Families, Shrewsbury School UK is pleased to sponsor both parents to visit the school in England for five days during Khmer New Year 2023.

Don’t miss the golden opportunities available to experience one of the UK’s great nine public schools.