• TikTok will collaborate with national stakeholders and TikTok creators in Cambodia to champion digital literacy and increase awareness of online safety

• New in-app Digital Literacy Hub provides users with a one-stop portal of resources to drive safer online experiences

TikTok – the leading destination for short-form mobile video – has announced the launch of a new in-app Digital Literacy Hub, as part of its ongoing commitment to helping users navigate the digital environment.

Launched in collaboration with Cambodia 4.0 Center, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications and Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology, and the support of local creators – LengLeng, JayJay and Khmerfreelancer – the hub will encourage Cambodian users to tap on the available safety features to protect themselves and others online, while still enjoying the benefits of the digital world.

Aligned with the ongoing efforts of local civil society stakeholders, the Digital Literacy Hub will serve as a one-stop portal that anchors all of TikTok’s educational initiatives around mental wellbeing, cyber wellness, minor safety, potentially dangerous online challenges and other digital literacy topics.

The hub will also host digital literacy tips using videos, quizzes, and scenario-based learning content. These resources are designed to empower users to become more discerning about the kinds of online content they choose to engage with, while also equipping them with the tools to recognise and report inappropriate materials, if ever encountered.

In conjunction with the hub launch, TikTok will also be hosting videos from Cambodia 4.0 Center along with local TikTok creators such as LengLeng, JayJay and Khmerfreelancer, which will see the local creators discussing how to react to dangerous content online and deal with negative comments, as well as how TikTok is set to drive greater awareness of digital wellness among users.

“One of Cambodia 4.0 Center’s missions is to promote safe and productive usage of technology in a positive way so as to contribute to digital economy development in the country.

“In this sense, we are pleased to partner with TikTok, a popular entertainment platform, and other stakeholders and local creators to raise awareness of minor safety and promote the safe online space for everyone who will continue to enjoy the benefits of the digital world,” said Cambodia 4.0 Center executive director Sovannroath Aing.

Cambodia TikTok public policy manager Kyu Kyu Thein said: “TikTok is dedicated to creating digital spaces for authenticity to thrive, and we’re constantly working to reinforce our safety resources to support and empower these experiences.

“With the newly established Digital Literacy Hub, TikTok has tailored its approach to suit Cambodia’s unique needs and challenges, while bringing important digital wellness resources even closer to our local community to ensure that they are well-equipped to tackle the ever-evolving digital landscape.”

Part of its efforts to promote greater access to digital literacy resources, TikTok has also strengthened measures against dangerous online challenges, with technology that immediately alerts safety teams of any sudden spikes in content violations linked to particular hashtags, as well as privacy-by-design initiatives that restrict app usage for users under 16 to ensure age-appropriate experiences.

Access the Digital Literacy Hub here to find out more about TikTok's ongoing safety initiatives for Cambodia.