The General Department of Taxation (GDT) collected 385.3478 billion riel, or more than $93 million, in vehicle tax revenue for the taxable period in June-November – from 791,168 units – or 174.2 per cent of the 2021 plan (just over 221 billion riel), according to GDT data obtained by The Post on December 9.

Revenue collection and the number of taxed vehicles respectively increased by 28.2443 billion riel (7.91 per cent) and 72,067 units (10.02 per cent) from 357.10 billion riel and 719,101 units over the same time last year.

Khoeum Tola, head of the GDT’s Department of Tax on Movable and Immovable Properties, ascribes this year’s positive results to the launch of the GDT Taxpayer App as well as a greater public understanding of tax responsibilities.

He said the owners of 30,000 vehicles were fined a total of nearly $3 million for various tax-related offences last year.

A number of vehicles are exempt from the levy, including ambulances and fire trucks, as well as those owned or on inventory listings of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, Military Police, National Police, or other government bodies.

Also excluded are vehicles owned by foreign embassies or consulates, international organisations or governmental technical cooperation agencies, as well as motorcycles, auto-rickshaws, tractors and similar machinery, and vehicles with water cooled engines of capacity no more than 150cc.

The GDT has cautioned that it will next month begin to fine those who fail to fulfil vehicle tax obligations, and that it will verify tax declarations in collaboration with the Military Police, National Police and relevant local authorities.