Education has traditionally centred on bringing up younger generations with basic skills and knowledge for life – but as industries evolve, traditional education is no longer enough.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) has consequently partnered with Metfone to digitalise education and bring all schools online.

With the School Information System (SIS) Cambodia able to be downloaded easily onto smartphones, and the school curriculum to be programmed on the platform, Metfone has distributed SIM cards with free internet access to help ease the burden on financially unstable families

SIS Cambodia digitalises education for all schools in the Kingdom, with the application aiming to transform traditional schools with an advanced online platform.

The application, in its initial phases, covers five areas of technology – information and data; communication and collaboration; content creation; protection and security; and the digital environment.

Young people are the future of every country, and foreign investment hinges on the human resources available.

Cambodia, as a developing country, needs to further develop its human resources.

With foreign investment, the nation has a promising future if it manages to adapt to changes in industry.

The world went through the first industrial revolution in the 18th century, which saw the rise of mechanised factory production, while the second industrial revolution experienced breakthroughs in mass production, with the use of electricity, petrol and advanced steel.

SIS Cambodia digitalises education for all schools in the Kingdom. SUPPLIED

The third industrial revolution was the beginning of the digital age and responsible for introducing computers, the internet and mobile communication networks.

The fourth industrial revolution – or Industry 4.0 – is an extension of what became possible from the third, with artificial intelligence, 3D printing, autonomous vehicles and the Internet of Things among the innovations.

Digital know-how is going to be hugely important because, with technology a main pillar in shaping the future, the world is changing.

The challenge will be to optimally develop students’ digital skills for when they enter the workforce.

It is important to now introduce digital technology to students in the most user-friendly and non-intimidating ways possible – and with the SIS Cambodia digital education platform, all students can effectively pursue their dreams online.