Combining strong security and easy access, Wing Bank’s Safe Deposit Box meets customers’ needs for keeping their valuables safe and secure.

AS one of the fastest-growing digital banks, Wing Bank is proud to introduce the fundamental Safe Deposit Box service for individuals and companies to keep their valuables safe and secure, protected from theft and robberies. 

Wing Bank’s Safe Deposit Box offers a wide range of meticulously designed features to meet customers’ diverse requirements.
Customers can choose from three box sizes – small, medium and large – tailored to their preferences. Whether it is jewellery, business records, title deeds or other valuable items, Wing Bank provides a secure and convenient storage solution with the utmost confidentiality. 

Wing Bank’s vaults, equipped with alarms, CCTV and state-of-the-art locks, are designed to prevent breaches. 

“At Wing Bank, we prioritise providing an exceptional banking experience to our esteemed customers,” said Wing Bank CEO Han Peng Kwang. 

“With the launch of our Safe Deposit Box, we aim to exceed their expectations by offering a premium storage solution that ensures maximum security and peace of mind, while the application process is streamlined for the convenience of customers.” 

Customers can visit any Wing Bank branch, browse its website or contact its Call Center to find out more details of the new service.

A savings or current account is required to be opened at Wing Bank before customers can rent a Safe Deposit Box. 

“We have made the application process effortless, allowing our customers to keep their valuables inside a Safe Deposit Box located at Wing Bank Tower with absolute confidence,” Han added. 

The introduction of the Safe Deposit Box service coincides with the launch of Wing Bank Tower, the state-of-the-art, 25-storey office building serving as Wing Bank’s new Headquarters in Phnom Penh’s central business area.  

The facility for the Safe Deposit Box service has been exclusively designed within the tower, leaving no room for compromise when it comes to security. 

Each box is fortified with a dual-key system and round-the-clock surveillance, granting access only to authorised individuals, including customers and their representatives. 

Security, convenience and flexibility are key benefits of Wing Bank’s Safe Deposit Box. 

Customers can access their boxes during the bank’s business hours, ensuring easy availability of their belongings when needed.