Earn high yields with Wing Bank’s exclusive term deposit offer of up to nine per cent per annum to further grow your hard-earned money.

Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc – one of the Kingdom’s fastest-growing digital banks – has increased its term deposit interest rate from eight per cent per annum to its all-time high of nine per cent per annum.

This exclusive opportunity allows individual customers to make their hard-earned money work harder for them by enjoying a higher interest income.

The newly unveiled term deposit rate – surpassing some of the typical offerings that range from six per cent to 7.5 per cent per annum – has positioned Wing Bank as one of the most competitive banks in Cambodia’s banking industry. 

Wing Bank’s nine per cent per annum term deposit requires a minimal deposit of just $10, allowing all individual customers the flexibility to hold their funds in either local Cambodian riel (KHR) currency or US dollar (USD) accounts, providing a secure avenue for wealth creation and growth.

This high-yield investment opportunity presents the potential to assist individuals in achieving their financial goals and improving their personal lives, while ultimately contributing to the government’s ongoing efforts to combat poverty in the country.

Han Peng Kwang, the CEO of Wing Bank – considering it a pivotal factor in achieving significant life milestones, whether buying a home, funding children’s education or fulfilling aspirations of owning a business –emphasised the significance of saving at every stage of life.

“Saving and growing your wealth should be a rewarding experience.

“With Wing Bank’s nine per cent interest term deposit, we are dedicated to helping our customers maximise their returns and build a prosperous future.

“Seize this exclusive opportunity and let your money work harder for you as the offer is for a limited period only,” Han Peng Kwang said.

To take advantage of the special offer, customers can visit any of the 20 conveniently located Wing Bank branches across Phnom Penh and a number of provinces.

Alternatively, they can visit any nearby Wing location across the country, while for those who prefer digital banking, the user-friendly Wing Bank app allows customers to open a term deposit account at their convenience.

Meanwhile, Wing Bank also offers customers the opportunity to earn competitive interest rates through its savings account.

Individuals and merchants can benefit from an annual interest rate of three per cent and five per cent, respectively, while enjoying the flexibility of accessing their funds whenever needed.

On top of earning a high yield from saving, Wing Bank users can also experience its wide range of innovative financial solutions and effortlessly embrace a fully digital lifestyle – from bill payments and phone top-ups, to online shopping, insurance payments and much more.