Users of the Wing Bank App can now earn ‘Wingcoins’ from every transaction, enabling them to save more and make even greater purchases.

Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc offers another trailblazing product with the launch of Wingcoin, a first-of-its-kind blockchain-based rewards programme that transforms everyday transactions into incredibly powerful spending and savings opportunities for users in the Kingdom's payment market space.

Wingcoin offers users tangible and substantial reward points for every transaction made through the Wing Bank App. 

This includes fund transfers to friends, family members or loved ones via a Wing Bank account, mobile top-ups for Cellcard users, and the use of Wing Bank's KHQR or Wingpay for scan-to-pay transactions with merchants participating in the rewards programme.

“Wingcoin represents a fusion of innovation and empowerment, providing users with a seamless and rewarding experience in everyday transactions,” said Han Peng Kwang, CEO of Wing Bank.

 Wing Bank's Treasure Hunt gives away various prizes.

One US dollar is equivalent to 100 Wingcoins, which remain valid for 12 months from the date of earning, motivating users to engage in more transactions and accumulate more rewards.

The versatility of Wingcoin extends beyond conventional reward programmes. Users can redeem their Wingcoins for more than 100,000 products on the popular e-commerce platform, Wingmall, across various categories such as electronics, accessories, home appliances, tasty food and drinks, and much more.

Additionally, users can enjoy the convenience of redeeming Wingcoins for phone top-ups, currently available for the telecoms operator CAMGSM Plc, known as Cellcard.

“Our vision for Wingcoin is to amplify the purchasing power of our users, ensuring that each transaction not only earns rewards, but maximises savings, making every penny spent a strategic decision,” Han Peng Kwang added.

Wingcoin's impact extends beyond users – corporate partners and merchants also benefit from it, driving business growth through seamless consumer engagement.

To further elevate the user experience, Wing Bank introduces Treasure Hunt Rewards exclusively to Wing Bank App users. 

Running until July 31, 2024, participants stand a chance to win daily delights and monthly marvels, including prizes ranging from 20 to 10,000 Wingcoins. 

Grand prizes such as an iPhone 15 Pro Max, a 65-inch LG TV and LG refrigerators are up for grabs. 

The Quarterly Quest adds excitement with prizes like a Honda Scoopy2024 and ultimately, a 0.5kg, 24-karat gold bar. 

Wing Bank's KHQR has gained widespread acceptance within the retail business community, with approximately 165,000 merchants benefiting from streamlined payment processes and heightened operational efficiency.

As more merchants recognise the added value Wingcoin brings to their operations, the adoption of the reward programme is steadily increasing, with more than 52,000 merchants currently joining, and this number continuing to grow daily.