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Annual Salary of $100,000 is waiting for you!!

Prince Real Estate (Cambodia) Investment Co., Ltd
Welcome high talented people with annual salary of $100,000

Since March 5, 2017, Prince Real Estate (Cambodia) Investment Co., Ltd have been holding the second large-scale recruitment drive at the company sales office in Phnom Penh, It will be crowded with candidates from all places and where they will get a glimpse of Prince Real Estate (Cambodia) Investment Groups brand, today's center of attention in Cambodia's real estate industry.

Prince Real Estate (Cambodia) Investment Group is a joint venture by major international corporations and a large-scale conglomerate, which invests in real estates, internet, and finance. Currently, we are developing and studying 9 projects, with 13 subsidiaries. Prince Real Estate employs long-term strategics in Cambodia, of which Phnom Penh is the core while promoting the development in two important provinces: Siem Reap and Preah Sihanouk. The company is now studying plots of lands in the three areas. In the next ten years, Prince Real Estate Group plans to reach a target of 5 million square meters of total developed areas, 200,000 customers, and 500,000 Prince Club members.

The rapid development of the company strongly requires considerable, effective human resources. In this second large-scale recruitment, many candidates will be selected to fill the following positions: Super Marker CEO, General Director of Prince Culture and Media, General Director of Prince Property, Chief of Innovation, Business Executives Director, Head of Sales and Marketing, Innovation Advisor, overseas staff, civil construction appraisers, procurement officers, project managers, electrical and water engineers, design engineer and many other positions.

One of the many candidates who came to the interview has said that working with Prince Real Estate (Cambodia) Investment Group is a lifelong dream. The main reasons behind this dream are the groups diversified businesses, great capital, ideal management, high salary and opportunities for personal development.

" While continuing the development its own business, Prince Real Estate Group will bring related businesses to Cambodia, such as hotels, night clubs, supermarkets, and so on," says Mr. Li Min, the General Director of Prince Real Estate, commenting on future development of the group in the Cambodia."

"We are building supermarkets in our project buildings as well as hotels in tourist attractions such as Sihanouk Ville and Siem Reap. Meanwhile, we have been cooperating with the government in building low price accommodations for Cambodian residents, The company has also been developing Prince Club and Prince Yard to serve the high-class customers. All the projects above are part of the company's Market and Influence Development strategy, which is paralleled with the One Way, One Road strategy aimed at strengthening the Cambodian-Chinese relationship."

Joining such an influential enterprise, you will not only receive a high salary but also opportunities for career and future development. Prince Real Estate is a forum for you to show your skills and talents, The recruitment is not finished yet. Have you prepared your CV?

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