Brand Management Consultant


Park Cafe Food & Beverage Co., Ltd (Park Café) is a leading Cambodian-owned company operating a chain of restaurants in Cambodia. The Company strives to offer a common dining experience across its outlets while providing a high-value, healthy meal in a relaxed environment conducive to discussion and building relationships.

In 2012, Park Café has partnered with Cambodia-Laos Development Fund, a Luxembourgbased private equity fund managed by Singapore-registered Emerging Markets Investments Pte., Ltd.

Now Park Café seeking a consultancy to support development of Brand Renovation that is based on industry best-practice whilst being practically feasible for effective implementation in all Park Café’s existing and future outlets.

Position: Brand Management Consultant

The scope of the consultancy is expected to cover the following areas:
1. To specifically conduct a research and study of current Park Café’s brand identity, brand awareness, brand loyalty, and brand association;
2. To consult and propose to Park Café of Brand identity refinement and guideline develop ment including:
    a. Logo and tagline: logo refinement and re-design, and tagline creation;
    b. Brand guidelines development: The brand-mark, color palette, typeface, typographic style, applications overview, and tone of voice;
    c. Brand implementation: logo sketches for signage, and branding of staff uniform;
    d. Marketing plan: company vision statement; company mission statement, brand vision, brand values, target audience segments definition, customer value proposition, brand positioning, channels of communication definition, customers relationship definition, and refine touch-points (brand as product, experience, person, organization, and symbol);
    e. Brainstorming for Vision and Mission Statement
    f. Sketches for interior branding.

Interested candidates please send your summary proposal to Human Resources Department of Park Cafe Food and Beverage Co.,Ltd through address: #41,43,45, St. 271, Sk.Tomnub Teok, Kh.Chamkamorn, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Tel: 010 85 44 66 / 087 23 28 27, E-Mail: [email protected]