Call for Proposals: Preventing Intimate Partner Violence in Cambodia

Call for Proposals
Preventing Intimate Partner Violence in Cambodia (PIPV)
Closing date: June 20, 2015

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is supporting the Cambodian Ministry of Women’s Affairs to change attitudes and prevent violence so that women and girls can feel safe in their homes, in the workplace and in their communities. The DFAT supported, Prevention of Intimate Partner Violence Program (PIPV) seeks to reduce rates of IPV by promoting comprehensive primary prevention strategies and interventions that reduce or eliminate specific risk factors and strengthen or establish protective factors for the prevention of IPV. These interventions will directly address known risk and protective factors in two identified areas of alcohol abuse and media exposure.
The Asia Foundation is announcing a Call for Proposals for the Media Exposure and IPV component of the PIPV program. The Program will work to influence media programming and reduce negative exposure, support viewers to provide feedback to TV broadcasters that is critical of content that condones IPV, or negative content through small grants for media monitoring and a campaign.
Media Monitoring (up to USD 40,000): A competed small grant will support national NGOs to monitor TV and coordinate viewer feedback to broadcasters of mass market TV programs. NGO monitoring will identify instances of TV programs where IPV is condoned, particularly where physical, sexual, and emotional violence are portrayed as being socially acceptable. Other risk factors, such as the portrayal of alcohol abuse, will be monitored by the subgrantees as well. Using social media as a primary communication platform, subgrantees will then tailor monitoring reports to advocate to TV broadcasters, TV advertisers, newspapers, youth associations, NGOs, and relevant government offices.
Campaign (up to USD 40,000): A competed small grant to support a joint campaign – “Turn Off” – will include an online petition to end abusive TV content. An assessment of the campaign will make further recommendations to DFAT on the utility of other potential tools, including kits that engage community leaders, polling reports, and an IPV Free scorecard holding Cambodia’s largest TV networks accountable on key indicators.
Grants are open to all registered non-governmental organizations operating in Cambodia.
The maximum implementation period for this grant is six months, between July 1 and December 31, 2015.
How to apply?
Please contact Ms. Moul Samneang at [email protected] to request a more detailed Call for Proposals document with selection criteria and proposal templates. Applications will not be accepted if they are not in the provided format.Proposals should be submitted by June 20, 2015.