Construction Supervision Engineer

Kingdom of Cambodia
Nation Religion King

AFD Grant No. CKH 1132.01.H and Loan No. CKH 1132.02.J

For Position of Construction Supervision Engineer
(National Individual Consultant)
Issue Date: 27th July 2015

The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology (MOWRAM) is the Executing Agency (EA) for the Project and is responsible for the engagement of consulting services and for awarding civil works contracts for the rehabilitation of irrigation schemes. The designated Project Manager of MOWRAM’s Project Management Office (PMO), will have overall administrative oversight of the consulting services and civil work contracts and will have responsibility for day-to-day operations. The Construction Supervision Engineer will assist the PMO to ensure that the civil works contract ref. no. WASP/AFD-CW1-PDT for the construction of the Prolay Donkay Thmei irrigation scheme located in Kralanh District in Siem Riep Province, is implemented as planned and within the time schedule. The required service of this specialist is 10 person-months intermittent from August 2015 to July 2016 and 3 person-months intermittent from August 2016 to July 2017

Scope of Work
The Consultant will be resident on site and will be required to assist the Project Manager in the supervision of construction of civil works, and will be responsible for inspection and supervision of the construction works, installation of equipment and the testing of construction materials, in order to ensure that the works are implemented and goods supplied in accordance with the designs, specifications and terms and conditions of the relevant civil works contracts. The Consultant will communicate with the Contractor’s agent on site regarding all technical and day-to-day operational matters, reporting to the Project Manager. The Consultant will be supported by a Site Inspector to be recruited separately, who will be based on site for day to day monitoring and inspection and who will report to the Consultant. The Consultant will instruct and supervise the Inspector

Detailed Tasks
The duties of the Consultant will include the issuing of decisions, certificates and orders as specified in detail in the construction contract documents. These tasks require that the Consultant will assist the PMO with the following:
• Review of the Contractor’s Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
• Inspection of construction activities, including testing of materials on site, the in-factory testing
• Inspection of goods and materials, off-site laboratory testing where necessary,
• Measurement for payment and progress reporting, verification of progress payments, maintenance of progress records.
• Review of contractors’ submittals,
• Preparation of monthly progress reports, inclusive of reporting on compliance with environmental specifications,
• Determination of final quantities, verification of Contractor’s “As-Built” drawings,
• Completion Certificate preparation, contract acceptance and close out (defects liability)

Minimum Qualification Requirements
• At least a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or Irrigation Engineering.
• At least 10 years professional experience in construction of works and irrigation infrastructure, with a thorough understanding and experience with international “best practices”, modern irrigation design, construction technology and contractual arrangements used for the project. The candidate should have demonstrated capability of organising of materials testing, monitoring the mobilisation of the testing equipment to ensure that the laboratories are adequately equipped and capable of performing all the specified testing requirements of the Contracts.
• Good communication and English language skills, with the ability to relate easily to both international and Cambodian staff. Capacity to work both • independently as well as in a team setting, willing to work under pressure

Schedule and Places of Assignment
The selected consultant will be based in Snoul commune, Siem Reap Province with full time working ten (10) months and three (3) month as Intermittent
Interested Consultants may obtain further information and the detail Term of Reference (TOR) for the Assignment above via email address: [email protected] And CC: [email protected] or by personal visit at the address below during office hours 08:00 to 17:00 hours (Local Time). Written expressions of interest must be delivered to the address below by 16:00 on 11th August 2015 along with CVs highlighting relevant qualifications and experience, CVs should also include contacts of references and indicative monthly rate for a field position.
In case of difficulties in obtaining detailed TOR or in submitting the application interested candidates could contact in writing to AFD office in Phnom Penh, No. 5, Rue 106,Sangkat Wat Phnom, PO Box 102 Phnom Penh, Cambodia, for attn.. Mr. Sideth MUONG, Tel No. 855 23 426 360, Email: [email protected]

Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology
Project Management Office
Water and Agriculture Sector Project
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