Scope of Work on

Evidence Review Report of Social and Behavior Change (SBC) Consultancy

USAID Promoting Healthy Behaviors (PHB) Project

  I.Project Description: On May 31, 2018, USAID awarded a five-year (May 2018-June 2023) Social and Behavior Change project, Promoting Healthy Behaviors (PHB), led by Population Services International (PSI). PHB is implemented by PSI directly, with one local private sector partner, 17 Triggers and one international organization, Pact. PHB is implemented in close collaboration with the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC). The purpose of the Activity is to improve health behaviors among Cambodians and support USAID Cambodia’s goal to ensure that Cambodians seek and receive quality health care with decreased financial hardship through more sustainable systems. Working with and through these stakeholders and coordination mechanisms, the PHB will foster a vibrant and cohesive SBC community of practice (CoP) to guide collaborative and evidence-based design, implementation and assessment to achieve the project objectives:   1.Strengthened public sector systems for oversight and coordination of SBC at the national and provincial levels; and   2.Improved ability of individuals to adopt healthy behaviors.   PHB project will work to focus on the following six health elements in Cambodia: • Tuberculosis • Family Planning • Maternal and Child Health • WASH • Malaria • Nutrition   II.Consultancy: PHB is conducting a literature or evidence review to learn from recent past social and behavior change (SBC), behavior chance communications (BCC), or health promotion activities or projects. Learnings will include both successes and failures from projects focusing on any of the above mentioned health areas, in order to inform the evidence base for PHB’s activities in the coming years.   17 Triggers, as key partner of the project, has conducted a desk research to review evidence for successes or failures in SBC, focused mainly on Cambodia with some information from global programs, to identify any best practices, constraints, barriers, and lesson learnt in SBC programming and implementation.   PSI/C, seeks a consultant to complement the work of 17 Triggers, expanding and leveraging their work into a comprehensive and polished final report which summarizes SBC evidence available and distils this into recommendations for the PHB project. In this effort, PSI/C seeks a consultant to complete the following tasks:   - Using the set of literature (studies, reports…etc.) provided by PSI/C, as well as considering the results of 17 Triggers’ work, write a narrative report for the evidence review, complementing 17 Triggers’ PowerPoint finding (which is geared to be more visual) The report will include recommendations for best practices in SBC/BCC based on the findings from evidence review, will be in English, with high-quality, compelling, and error-free writing, no more than 25 pages.   - Develop a professional summary PowerPoint presentation that captures the key learnings, successes, challenges and - recommendations from the evidence review. This presentation (or an iteration of it) will be shared by PSI/C and the PHB project in a national forum.   III.Deliverables:   The consultant will deliver the following outputs within the indicated timeframes:   - Draft report, including any sections or format given by PSI/C. Expected page length will depend on the information - gathered, but should not exceed 25 pages. - Final report, free from grammatical errors or typos - Professional summary PowerPoint presentation as described above, estimated to have between 35 -45 slides.   IV.Timelines:   The total number of days for this consultancy is 7 working days (1 day = 8 hours) spread from December 05 -31, 2018. The consultant is proposed to follow the deadlines below:
Proposed Due Date Activity # of day
December 05, 2018 Review literature provided by PSI and 17 Triggers 3
December 14, 2018 Write and submit draft of report and PowerPoint presentation 3
December 21, 2018 Revise and submit final of report and PowerPoint presentation 1
Total number of days 7
  V.Qualifications for Consultant:   Minimum qualifications of the consultant should be:   • Demonstrated familiarity with the development and implementation of Social and Behavior Change (SBC), Behavior Change Communications (BCC), or Health Promotion (HP) projects, though project management, design or review of one or more such projects;   • Experience in literature or research reviews or in evaluating projects/programs related to health sector; experiencewith SBC, BCC or HP projects a plus; • Ability to understand an interpret results from both qualitative and quantitative project evaluations; • Demonstrated skills in high-quality and professional report writing, in English;   Deadline of Submission: 27 November, 2018   To apply, please submit their express of interest, CV/profile and proposal to: [email protected] / [email protected] (soft copy) or PSI/C Finance & Operations Department; #29, Street 334, Boeung Keng Kang I, Phnom Penh (hard copy). Please reference the position applying to with Subject: Evidence Review Report for SBC Consultancy. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews.