Individual Consultancy for the Assessment of Emergency Referral Systems in Cambodia
Vacancy No. MNCHN/14/004

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), Cambodia Country Office, is seeking to hire a qualified national or international consultant to conduct an assessment of  emergency referral systems in place in Cambodia, to analyze feasibility, cost-effectiveness and sustainability and generate recommendations for an emergency referral  system that focuses on equitable home-to-health facility for all, including women and children, along with a project design to guide a pilot model.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

• Prepare and submit all relevant documents for ethical clearance from the National Ethics Committee for Health Research (NECHR) of the MoH.

• Conduct a desk review, key informant interviews and focus group discussions to identify the predominant types of emergency referral models currently functioning in  different contexts in Cambodia;

• Conduct a cost-effectiveness analysis of the different predominant types of emergency referral models identified. This will include data collection from providers at national  and sub-national level to understand in detail the different mechanisms in place, their functions, management and cost-effectiveness, perception by users and local  community members, data on cost and resource requirements, and the feasibility for scaling up.

• Analyze the data and use the findings to prepare a consultation workshop with the MoH and other relevant stakeholders and to consolidate comments and inputs and use it  to formulate recommendations on the feasibility, cost-effectiveness, responsiveness and sustainability of the emergency referral models in place to inform the review/update  of the 2006 emergency referral guidelines.

• Assist the MoH in designing a cost-effective and sustainable model together with its operational pilot implementation plan for testing the agreed model in the selected target  districts and for informing the further policy development.

Duration of Contract:
The consultant will require 30 working days to complete the assignment.

Submission of Applications:
Information on required qualifications, submission of proposals and complete Terms of Reference are available at

Applications shall be sent by email to [email protected] Applications MUST include the title and vacancy number and all required documentation as detailed in the  ToR.

The deadline for receipt of applications is Thursday 5 June 2014 17:00 (GMT + 7 hours)