Individual Consultancy

Individual Consultancy - Vacancy Nº LGCR/14/007
Study on Commune/Sangkat Planning and Budgeting for Social Services
“Understanding Expenditure Trend and Factors that promote and hamper Social Service Delivery”

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Cambodia Country Office, is seeking to hire a qualified local consultant to conduct a study on Commune/Sangkat Planning and Budgeting for Social Services. The study and its findings and recommendations will be used to inform (a) the sub-national fiscal policy dialogues and formulation among Government institutions, Development Partners and CSOs, (b) the design of capacity building plan and (c) the formulation of a strategic advocacy and plan that can inform policy making to enable more and efficient socially inclusive and accountable local governance development, and enhance the participation of citizens, including the poor and most vulnerable in local decision making and governance.

Specific outputs of the study:
• Analysis of commune expenditures’ trend and opportunities for additional revenue streams;
• Analysis of demand for social services by the most vulnerable people, and their level of satisfaction with availability/delivery of social services;
• Analysis of platforms, key partners, and scope and opportunities for the poorest and most vulnerable including children, women, youth, persons with disability and ethnic minorities, to participate in local decision making and governance;
• Analysis of barriers and opportunities for improved planning, budgeting and delivery inclusive social services and initiatives;
• 4 publishable case studies: 2 focusing on communes that are performing well in socially inclusive local governance and 2 focusing on communes that are not performing well;
• Recommendations for actions to be taken by different stakeholders at national, sub national and commune level to improve local governance that is socially inclusive and meeting the needs and demands of the most vulnerable and poor .

Duration of Contract:
The consultant will require 78 working days to complete the assignment.

Submission of Applications:
Information on required qualifications, submission of proposals and complete Terms of Reference are available at

Applications shall be sent by email to [email protected] Applications MUST include the title and vacancy number and all required documentation as detailed in the ToR.

The deadline for receipt of applications is Monday
21 July 2014 17:00 (GMT + 7 hours)