National Technical Assistance

Job Announcement

National Technical Assistance in Field Testing of Minimum Requirements for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Primary Schools

1. Background
With support from UNICEF, the School Health Department (SHD), Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport developed a Guideline to Meeting the Minimum Requirements for WASH in schools this year. The Guideline is currently designed for pre-schools and primary schools but it is envisioned that this Guideline scales up to secondary schools upon successful implementation. This Guideline has been written for mainly for school directors, teachers and School Support Committee but it is also aim for education and development policy makers, provincial, district and local authorities who oversee the implementation of School WASH.

Under the leadership of the School Health Department, the Guideline to Meeting the Minimum Requirements was developed in a consultative way. The process was participated by different stakeholders including the relevant technical departments in Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) and Ministry of Rural Development (MRD), teachers, School Support Committee members, NGOs and development partners who work on School WASH activities in Cambodia.

2. Role and Responsibilities
The consultant will work closely with the School Health Department and UNICEF (under the guidance of the Chief of Education and Chief of WASH but work directly with an Education Officer and a WASH Officer to perform the following functions:
• Work in close collaboration with School Health Department and UNICEF at each stage of the assignment
• Conduct field work in at least 6 schools (of different settings) to understand the context and observe the implementation.
• Based on the finding from the field work, facilitate the meetings with School Health Department, UNICEF and relevant NGO partners to agree on the inception report (proposed activities, how…)
• Develop a simple yet comprehensive checklist to monitoring the Guideline implementation.
• Provide recommendations to incorporate minimum package for WASH in school checklist to child friendly checklist.
• Conduct field work in 16 targets schools (of different settings) to monitor the implementation of minimum package, to see if school authorities understood it, have they been able to implement it, what have been the challenges, what need to be simplified to make the guideline more practical and implementable?
• Facilitate a final consultation meeting and make a presentation of the key findings and recommendations. Participants include SHD, relevant technical departments, NGOs and other development partners.
• Present final deliverable which is final draft of minimum package of both Khmer and English with the recommendation and proposed layout and design can be easily sent to Ministry for endorsement.
• To make recommendations and adjustments to the minimum package with the consideration of practicality in school.
• To support the translation and amendment of the document for both in Khmer and English.

3. Estimated Duration of Assignment (dates and period):
The consultant is expected to work for 4 months from March through June 2015. Estimated Max.70 working days.

4. Qualifications or specialized knowledge/experience required
• An advanced University degree in Education or Social Sciences with specialization in subject related to Water and Sanitation or related fields
• At least 5 years’ of experience in the sector of Education and Water and Sanitation.
• Demonstrated background and knowledge in monitoring and evaluation research, report writing with both quantitative and qualitative data
• Demonstrated experience in conducting and organising field work in Cambodia, especially in rural school and community settings
• Excellent organization, communication and facilitation skills, ability to coordinate with various entities and large group.
• Communicates effectively, both orally and in writing, to varied audiences
• Fluent in written and spoken Khmer and English

Interested and qualified candidates should send their application including CV, cover letter along with reference and proposal with budget work plan, to Department of School Health, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (SHD/MoEYS) or Mr.Seng Lyda (Email: [email protected], Tel: 017 899 398, #169, Norodom Blvd, Boeung Keng Kang 1, Khan Chamkamorn, Phnom Penh) from 25 February to 10 March 2015. Only short-listed candidates will contact for an interview (hold relevant degree and certificates).