Project Manager

Support to the Cambodia Microfinance Association
(Agreement N° CKH 1122 01 G)
Job Announcement: PROJECT MANAGER
(Residential – Appointment for 2 years from the recruitment date)

The Cambodia Microfinance Association (CMA) has received some financing in the amount of 800 000 euros from the Agence Française de Développement (French Development Agency, AFD) for a project aimed to contribute to the stability and promotion of responsible finance with a view to ensuring a sustainable growth for the microfinance sector in Cambodia. The CMA is the implementing agency responsible for managing the overall implementation of the project and coordination with other stakeholders. On top of covering some of the CMA’s operating costs, the specific objectives of the Project are to:

• Disseminate and ensure the actual implementation of the Client Protection Principles (CPPs) through the « Smart Campaign » certification of some of the most major MFIs in the country;
• Support some MFIs in their contribution to the CBC (consultation and submission of data);
• Strengthen the CMA’s action capabilities in order for the association to be able to pursue, improve and diversify its training and awareness building activities towards its members, as well as conduct some key studies for the development of the sector.

Appointed for 2 years, the Project Manager will help the association play its role as a contracting authority and follow the implementation of the Project. S/he will make sure that the achievements of the Project are in line with the Project’s design and objectives and respect all the clauses and the commitments of the Project’s financial agreement between AFD and the CMA. S/he will be under the direct authority of the CMA’s General Secretary, to whom s/he will report directly. S/he will also work in close collaboration with the Project’s Steering Committee.
The Project Manager’s role will essentially consist in:
• Assisting the CMA in the operational implementation of the Project’s components,
• Coordinating the different components of the Project and concerned actors, and
• Supporting the CMA in its representative role of the MFIs, especially at the CBC’s Board of Directors.

More specifically, the duties for this position include the following:
A. Project Processing, Management and Coordination
- Manage the Project and implement its strategy under the supervision of the CMA
- Serve as the CMA’s focal contact on all the operational matters related to the Project
- Assist the CMA in itemizing the key tasks, defining the necessary related financial resources, and setting up projected schedules for the implementation of each of the Project’s components
- Identify the possible difficulties in the Project’s implementation
- Assist the CMA in resolving the possible difficulties in the implementation of the Project in coordination with the relevant actors
- Define and operate relevant benchmarks and indicators to monitor the progress in the implementation and achievement of the Project’s tasks
- Conduct and monitor the disbursement of the Project’s global budget
- Assist the CMA in the design of Terms of References and selection of the consultants who will be hired to conduct some specific tasks within the frame of the Project. Set up the necessary budgets for each of the consulting services and conduct and monitor the related payments and budget’s disbursements
- Ensure that the procurement procedures of the Project comply with the national regulation and AFD’s legal requirements and constraints, as defined in the Project’s financial agreement
- Supervise the consultants’ works
- Follow the legal, regulation, financial and all the other possible types of evolutions of the microfinance sector in Cambodia so as to take these matters into account when implementing the Project
- Set up the Project’s Steering Committee and organise its meetings every 6 months
- Report to the CMA, the Steering Committee and AFD on the progress and possible difficulties in the implementation of the Project’s activities
- Ensure aid efficiency and synergies with the other donors’ interventions

B. Management of specific tasks and provision of technical expertise
B.1 The CPPs’ dissemination and implementation with a view to the “Smart Campaign” certification of several MFIs
- Provide training to the CMA’s and the MFIs’ staff on the CPPs and build their awareness on the Smart Campaign initiative
- Communication and knowledge sharing
- Prepare in close collaboration with the team of the Smart Campaign a manual on the implementation of the CPPs in Cambodia for the attention of the Cambodian MFIs’ staff
- Manage and supervise the “Smart Campaign” certification process.

B.2 The support to some MFIs in their contribution to the CBC
- Select potential additional MFI(s) willing to participate in the Project
- Design a projected schedule and budget for the setting-up of the software and provision of trainings by the supplier
- Follow and supervise the provision of services by the supplier.

B.3 The strengthening of the CMA’s action capabilities in order to improve its training and awareness-building activities towards its members, as well as conduct some studies on the key challenges faced by microfinance
Training services:
- Set up the annual projected schedules, contents and budgets for the CMA’s training sessions
- Advertise and manage the registrations for the trainings
- Supervise the CMA’s trainings relevant for this project
- Collect and disseminate the training material to the concerned actors
- Collect feedbacks on the provided trainings.
- Identify in collaboration with the Steering Committee the studies to conduct
- Conduct the selection of the consultants in charge of the studies
- Supervise and review the conducted studies

- The candidate shall be Cambodian and fluent in English.
- S/he is required to be a highly-qualified Cambodian microfinance expert: with at least 10 years of experience in microfinance, or preferably in implementing externally funded microfinance projects, and be familiar with the local microfinance sector.
- S/he shall prove some high autonomy and very strong skills in project management (planning and organising skills) and solid capacities in terms of coordination.
- Though a thorough knowledge of the CPPs is not necessary, s/he shall prove a general awareness on MFIs’ social performance.
- Excellent communication, effective report-writing and good interpersonal skills will be an asset.
- Initiative, enthusiasm, and a high commitment will be highly appreciated.

More detailed information on the project is available on the CMA’s website: Applications shall include a resume, photo, cover letter and if need be, any other relevant document. They shall be submitted to both the CMA and AFD to the following addresses or via email:

Cambodia Microfinance Association (CMA)
Attn: Ms HOY Sophea
General Secretary 69 street Boerk Thmey, P.O. Box 2683
Phnom Penh, Cambodia Email: [email protected]
Agence Française de Développement (AFD)
Regional Director for Cambodia-Laos 5, street 106, P.O. Box 102 Phnom Penh, Cambodia Email: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Closing date and time for application is 1st January 2014, 5pm (Phnom Penh time). Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.