With the Covid-19 pandemic now affecting Cambodia, many business establishments have had to close temporarily to stave off the disease from spreading in the Kingdom.

The need for social distancing has also caused many to spend more time at home than they usually do. And these changes have caused them to express frustration at having to give up the social activities and outdoor exercises that they used to enjoy.

But Krama Yoga Cambodia general manager and yoga expert Lun Piseth says it doesn’t have to be this way.

He says with the need for social distancing, his company is now offering online yoga classes as an answer to keeping healthy.

Local and expatriate yoga practitioners have enrolled in the classes, which have Japanese, British and American instructors.

Piseth says that previously, many went to his studio for yoga classes. But business soon dwindled as they feared contracting the novel coronavirus.

Then, the company decided to offer one-on-one programmes in private rooms. It allowed only one teacher and one student or two-to-three people (family members) in a room.

Through these private classes, social distancing was maintained as yoga mats were placed at the recommended 3m from each other. But now, Krama Yoga’s online classes allow it to reach a wider audience.

“Since we first established our yoga classes in 2004, this is the first time that we have opened online sessions.

“We all know that the world is fighting against Covid-19 and people are discouraged from being in confined spaces with others or attending large gatherings.

“So we offered our online course to promote good health and peaceful minds during this period when movements are restricted. We hope to keep people thinking positively by strengthening their spirits.

“Yoga is a great way to achieve this from the safety and comfort of your own home,” he says.


Piseth says yoga is one of the most popular exercise forms in history. And it also has the benefit of effectively strengthening the human body and mind.

Likewise, he says yoga enhances one’s health by increasing body flexibility and muscle tone and strength apart from reducing stress, various fears, and other disorders.

“When people are forced to stay at home and if they do not exercise, their health would surely deteriorate. Some people rapidly change and become rather negative in their thoughts while others grow more fearful with each piece of negative news they receive,” he says.

Instead, he says people should use the time they spend at home to improve their emotional strength, stay calm and not panic. Yoga, he says, can help one to achieve this as its exercises strengthen one’s body, mind and spirit.

“Practicing yoga is like nourishing your body. People who work in stressful environments find improvements in their general wellness when they practise yoga.

“This exercise form certainly improves mental faculties and relieves lower back and neck pains. It balances the body and helps one become more optimistic,” Piseth says.

He says students are normally taught based on their needs since some just want to tone their bodies while others want to relieve stress or lower back problems.

“Now, with the coronavirus situation, we have even selected some special yoga styles that help provide one with a more positive outlook, increase their productivity and calm their nerves so that they can work more effectively and efficiently,” Piseth says.

Krama Yoga Cambodia general manager and yoga expert Lun Piseth. Photo supplied

Open to all levels

The yoga courses are open to students at all levels. All that’s required is to register and fill up a form with personal details of the outcome one is seeking. After this, the coaches at Krama Yoga will prepare the relevant styles to suit the specific needs.

“Everyone can practise yoga. Krama Yoga practitioners use games, songs, fun yoga poses and laughter to initiate boys and girls from ages nine to 13 into a lifelong love for maintaining good health and wellbeing.

“Prenatal yoga uses postures that are designed for people who are pregnant at between three to 8.5 months to strengthen their bodies and control their emotions. This is especially so for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy when most women are highly emotional,” Piseth says.

To attend the online sessions, students can choose the class they would like to attend, and make a reservation in advance via [email protected].

Five minutes before each class, the Krama Yoga team will send you an online link. Just click on it and follow the instructions.

All you need is to have a good internet connection and perhaps a large screen and speakers to be able to see and hear the instructor during the session.

The course is taught in Khmer and English and is offered in different sessions – a children’s yoga class, a general class, and a prenatal yoga class.

A former yoga student, Tang Meng says she usually practises yoga thrice a week. But, due to the government’s decision to close all exercise centres during the virus outbreak, she decided to stop going to the yoga centre.

“Recently, I bought a yoga mat to continue practising at home after learning that Krama Yoga is offering online classes.

“Practicing yoga alone is quite different from having an instructor. This is because one can get lazy and postpone practising the exercises. So I think that having an instructor, even online is better,” she says.

For more information, visit Facebook page @Krama Yoga Cambodia Ngo or call 012 250 817.