A diverse range of artistic expressions that represent Cambodia’s fresh creative energy will be showcased at the inaugural exhibition, Nomadic Culture, held at The Peak in Phnom Penh from June 7-11.

Renowned ceramic artists Son Sihak and Camillo Bernal, acclaimed painter Stanislas Loubieres, and other talented individuals will present their works, while visitors will have the opportunity to meet influential figures like Reth Sarita, Miss Universe Cambodia, and Princess Jenna Norodom.

Pierre Balsan, CEO of Blue Bell Cambodia, the organiser of the exhibition, expressed his intention to highlight the new creative endeavours in Cambodia through the event. The exhibition will feature Xavier de Lauzanne’s film, The Perfect Motion, alongside contemporary artworks by Stanislas Loubieres and ceramic creations by Son Sihak and Camillo Bernal.

The exhibition marks the beginning of a series of pre-opening activities scheduled for 2024, aiming to introduce exciting new experiences at The Peak. Camillo Bernal and Son Sihak collaborated during a six-week immersion in Siem Reap last year, and they will present their creations that embody the new era of Cambodian ceramics.

Bernal highlighted the contemporary and modern aspects of their remarkable objects, which remain rooted in traditional culture.

Son Sihak, founder of Morodok Ceramics, acknowledged the growing support for ceramic arts among the Cambodian people, especially through social media promotions during the Covid-19 pandemic. He adapted materials from Western tastes into everyday products for the local community, receiving assistance from the European NGO, International Development Enterprises, which fuelled his creative ideas.

Xavier de Lauzanne, a French director in Cambodia, selected The Perfect Motion as the centrepiece of the Nomadic Culture exhibition. The film explores the Royal Cambodian Ballet and its enduring ties with France, which played a vital role in preserving the ballet during the challenging period of the Khmer Rouge regime. Lauzanne emphasised the importance of approaching this project with a sense of legitimacy and expressed gratitude to the surviving ballet masters and Princess Buppha Devi for preserving this cultural heritage.

Curated exhibitions from The Gallerist contemporary art gallery will feature works by esteemed Cambodian artists such as Nou Sary and Chhim Sothy, as well as emerging talents. The Gallerist will also host ceramic workshops, artist talks featuring Nou Sary, live painting sessions by Din Art with dancers from the Princess Buppha Devi School, and screenings of the documentary film The Perfect Motion.

In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to meet Princess Jenna Norodom, Reth Sarita, and even participate in a photo session with them, as per the schedule. The princess expressed her anticipation on Facebook, inviting those who love contemporary art, culture, and film to join the exhibition.