The Digital Government Committee of Cambodia (DGC) has announced it will sponsor a full-time web development bootcamp.

Run through tech education specialists SabaiCode, the six month course will be available to just 15 hand-picked candidates.

This will mark the third time SabaiCode have run their Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp, an intensive course aiming to equip individuals, regardless of their prior coding experience, with the skills needed to become proficient full-stack developers.

“It’s a 100 per cent scholarship. Upon graduation, students will be guaranteed an internship with the DGC,” said Leng Piseth, co-founder of Sabai Code.

The DGC, a government entity responsible for designing and implementing technology adoption for the government, noted that the bootcamp has received close attention in the tech community for its comprehensive curriculum and promising job placement prospects.

“Join us to showcase your creativity, imagination, and aspirations for sustainable development and inclusion, while also gaining the opportunity to collaborate with the Digital Government Committee,” urged DGC.

The bootcamp isn’t just about coding. It offers an immersive experience that covers many aspects of web development.

The curriculum begins with web development essentials and takes participants through front-end, back-end, and cloud computing technology.

It starts with a six-week module on project discoveries and web development fundamentals, with an emphasis on start-up initiation, UI/UX design principles, and the integration of key project management tools like Trello, Jira and Figma.

The course progresses into advanced front-end development, offering insights into application development, micro frontend architecture, and testing with tools like Jest/Cypress.

Students then transition to mastering back-end development with microservices, learning to integrate services using technologies like Node.js/Express and MongoDB.

The finale is a deep dive into cloud development and microservices orchestration, where participants get hands-on with cloud technologies, Docker, Kubernetes, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) practices.

The DGC stressed the importance of practical experience in today’s competitive job market. Upon completion of the course, graduates are guaranteed a three-month internship at the committee.

Exceptional performers might even secure a permanent engineering position.

For those who don’t land a permanent role, SabaiCode pledges its support in assisting them with their job hunt.

“I’ve noticed a significant demand and enthusiasm for tech education … We offered 15 scholarships for our last bootcamp, and received a staggering 450 applications,” Piseth told The Post.

He acknowledged the challenges of technology learning but believes it’s manageable for enthusiasts, saying self-study and dedication are crucial components.

Piseth said the curriculum aligns perfectly with the demands of the modern job market, noting that following the most recent bootcamp, all 15 participants secured employment with Cellcard.

The DGC’s support for the bootcamp underscores the significance of such initiatives in today’s digital age.

It also highlights the emphasis that the government places on equipping the next generation with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in the tech sector.

This opportunity is exclusively for university students and graduates. Applications close on November 10.