The 9th Cambodia Book Fair is running from December 9-11 at the National Library in Phnom Penh, located about 150m to the west of Wat Phnom and in front of the National University of Management, with the slogan this year of “Read one day, know one day”.

The fair is being held to exhibit books by Cambodian authors and other works in the Khmer language. In addition to the book exhibition, the programme also provides readers the opportunity to meet authors and for authors to meet each other and exchange experiences and knowledge about writing and research.

Khlot Vibolla, director of the National Library of Cambodia, said that the first Cambodian book fair was held in 2011 with the slogan “Read together for development”. The book fair has been held nine times because it was suspended during the pandemic.

“This year, we have 198 booths and we have major sponsors organised like Tiger Balm and banking companies. We expect that there will be about 100,000 visitors this year,” she said.

She added that the book fair was co-organized by the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts and the Books and Reading Department within the ministry. The fair was made possible in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Information, as well as many other partners.