As the war in Ukraine rages on, Ukrainians who live and work in Cambodia have come together to organise a series of charity events to support the people of their war-torn nation, many thousands of kilometres apart.

On December 17, a Christmas concert will be hosted at the Whale House in Koh Pich’s Treellion Park, said organiser Zoriana Myburgh.

This is the second event in support of Ukraine that Myburgh, who has been living in Cambodia for the past six years, has hosted.

“Even though Ukraine is so far away, we Ukrainians in Cambodia try to do what we can to help,” she told The Post.

Myburgh said that during the first event, a charity bazaar held in June, organisers managed to collect $3,000, which was sent to a charity that supported women and children who had been displaced by the war.

Marta Levchenko began a charity called “City of Goodness” and ran events called Future of Ukraine to take care of vulnerable women and children.

“Thousands of kilometres from Ukraine, in Cambodia, a group of generous people gathered to support a shelter that has helped hundreds of internally displaced people,” Levchenko wrote.

“The City of Goodness brings goodwill and helps those who most need a shoulder to support them. Thank you, Cambodia,” she added.

For this month’s event, participants from many different nations are joining in. Participants are from Ukraine, the Philippines, South Africa, Germany, the US and Indonesia.

They are Cati (from The Broken Cymbal) , Mirasol Aguila, Intan Andriana & Frank (from The Blue Souls), Grace Cho, Christine Reyes and Chad Calaguin, John Ugahayon, Shaleemar Collado, Jane Busacay Sungay, Olga Lakantseva (Olly Sax) from Ukraine, Sophie Mussenich and Christian Mendejar.

Jane Busacay Sungay is from the Philippines, and has been teaching music in the Kingdom for almost 11 years.

“Let’s have a celebration with a mission this year. We look forward to seeing you at Treellion Park from 5-8pm on December 17. All ticket sales will be sent to Ukraine to buy a vehicle for paramedics,” said Sungay.

Myburgh said she invited the musicians by sending them the link to the event and asking them if they were willing to support her cause.

“This time, we want to help purchase a vehicle for paramedics. The Ukrainian embassy in Thailand supports this initiative – embassy staff visited our last event,” she added.

Natalia Chura, a volunteer in Ukraine who started the fundraising, aims to purchase an SUV for a medical unit to evacuate wounded fighters in the Donetsk region.

“We need to collect over $8,000. Together, we will help our doctors with their important work,” she said.

“If you are able to donate towards this vehicle, it would be greatly appreciated. Pray for our warriors and for victory. Everyone is at war on their own front. Together we are a force,” she added.

Myburgh hopes the public would express their support for the people of Ukraine by purchasing tickets to the event.