Although there are many Khmer language publishers in the Kingdom, there is a serious disparity in the quality of the work they produce. One of the most popular – with both authors and readers – printing houses is Khmer Book Edition.

Lek Chumnor, managing director of the publishing house, which he established in 2017, shared his theories as to why the company enjoyed such popularity and attracted so many authors.

“The main reason I founded Khmer Book Edition was to create opportunities for Khmer writers to get their work published more easily, with a high level of quality. We prepare each of our books carefully to make sure they are attractive and easy to read. We are as happy working on technical documents, compilations of other writers, or profiles of individuals and institutions, as we are working on novels,” he said.

He believes that what sets his printing house apart is the quality and passion of its staff.

“My co-founders were all intellectuals, some from the Kingdom and some from abroad. Since our inception, we have provided editorial and design services for more than 100 titles,” said Chumnor.

In addition to its core business of Khmer language texts, the company has coordinated the design of seven management guides in English and Chinese. It has also handled texts on the Constitution, and arranged publication of work for several well-known institutions.

Capturing the meaning and tone of an author is one of the things Chumnor takes most seriously, which means each font is carefully selected.

He is passionate about ensuring that everything is spelt correctly throughout, as common misspellings could make their way into common use and dilute the majesty of the Khmer written word.

Matching the font to the right grade of paper is also of the utmost importance, as unclear text can strain the eyes of a reader, causing headaches.

“It is this level of attention to detail that sets my printing house apart,” said Chumnor.

“From the managing director to our editorial and design teams, all of our staff are passionate. They are driven to ensure we produce only the highest quality publications,” he added.

Each member of the team is fully qualified, with Master’s degrees or Doctorates, from Cambodia and abroad.