The Ministry of Education on July 7 announced its endorsement of the international award competition, ‘We Are Together’, slated to be held in Moscow, Russia from December 5 - 7.

This initiative is centred around the theme "Social Change Through Volunteering," encouraging individuals and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) across the globe to actively participate in humanitarian efforts.

The organising committee's primary aim is to kindle a sense of altruism among global citizens, incentivising the contribution to humanitarian causes.

The competition is an annual event that recognises and rewards the commendable efforts of individuals and NGOs who are committed to shaping a better society through volunteer work.

Explaining the competition framework, the ministry elaborated that eligible participants would be drawn from six geographical regions worldwide. These include British Commonwealth nations, Europe, Asia and the Pacific, the Middle East, North America, South America, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

By diversifying the pool of entrants, the initiative aims to capture a comprehensive snapshot of volunteering and social change efforts on a global scale.

Over recent years, the ‘We Are Together’ award competition has facilitated the implementation of 850 projects, amassing support from 85 participating countries.

This tally underscores the contest's broad reach and impact, enabling transformative volunteer-driven initiatives to gain recognition and further support.

In rallying behind this international competition, the Ministry of Education seeks to amplify the power of volunteerism by recognising its pivotal role in driving social change.

By offering a platform for humanitarian endeavours to be acknowledged and celebrated, the award competition is expected to inspire a larger section of society to volunteer for the betterment of communities, effecting change on a local, regional, and ultimately by extension, a global scale.