Born in Dar commune in Prasat village of Kampong Chhnang province’s Kampong Leng district, Dum Davuy is a writer and translator, and also the director of the Bandos Nissay Institution, a successful publishing house.

Born into a poor farming family, he applied himself to his studies, eventually earning a Bachelor’s degree in educational science from Preah Sihanouk Raja Buddhist University.

After graduating, Dum Davuy worked as a translator for a publishing house and freelanced with several local associations. He also found time to take writing lessons with the Khmer Writer’s Association.

In addition to his studies and full-time employment, he found time to write his first book, Start Thinking, Start Succeeding.

“I did not have much difficulty starting the book. Thanks to a composition course by the Khmer Writer Association and my work at a publisher, I knew what I was doing. The hardest part was searching for the data I needed to back up my theories, especially through library research,” he said.

His years of experience led him to open the Bandos Nissay – Khmer for “planting relationships” –publishing house. At a 2022 book fair, his company had more than 20 titles on offer.

The contents and layout of each of the works was carefully selected by Davuy. The books include guides to financial happiness, real estate investment, sales techniques and the secrets of successful millionaires.

In addition, there are several books dedicated to individual self-improvement, including guides to the psychology of self-esteem.

His guide to real estate investment offers tips on the best locations to buy and sell, and gives sage advice on what kind of properties should be sold and which should be rented out.

His professional sales book teaches readers how to sell in a smart way, without rushing, by building relationships. It explains how to create a valuable sales team, and what it takes to lead such a team. It also reminds the reader of the importance of smart management, and drives home the often overlooked idea that the owners or managers of successful businesses must be excellent salesman or woman themselves.

His publishing houses bestselling title remains his original guide to self-improvement, Start Thinking, Start Succeeding. The book breaks down the formula of thinking, and then explains the actions which result as a consequence of that thinking.

“I believe that young people are a driving force and will be the catalyst for the development of the Kingdom. Before moving to develop society, the young must first develop themselves,” said Davuy.

One of the best ways to develop themselves is to cultivate the habit of reading, he added.

“Reading is one of the best ways to fill in the gaps in your knowledge. It is a lantern that illuminates a confusing pathway, and enables people to see far further than they might otherwise be able to,” he said.

“Therefore, the young should read as much as they can. They should not be wasting their time playing games with no productive outcome. I especially implore them to avoid gambling, drugs and alcohol, because these things will seriously affect their youthful potential,” he added.