4 Majors on the rise

4 Majors on the rise


It is no secret that many Cambodians still suffer from the psychological trauma caused by decades of war in the 1960s and 1970s, but unfortunately many of these people have never received the help they need. Though the scars from the country’s past can’t be erased, professional psychologists can help people overcome the problems that plague them. Why not choose psychology for your bachelor degree?
Psychology, the study of the way the human mind works, is one of the most effective ways to facilitate mental healing.
Somchan Sovandara, deputy head of department of psychology at the Royal University of Phnom Penh says after studying psychology for four years, students can get plenty of jobs such as being a clinical psychologist, researchers, surveyor or lecturer.
“Besides the ministry of health, which addresses mental problems, there are six non-government organizations working on mental health providing employment opportunities for psychology graduates,” he said.

If you want to help preserve the planet and set yourself up with a job that makes a difference, environmental studies might be just what you’ve been looking for.
Established in 2000, the department of environment at RUPP now has nearly 500 students pursuing bachelor’s degrees.
“There are many kinds of environment-related jobs to employ students,” said Va Dany, head of department of environment. “Students can work in local and international non-governmental organizations, the government, companies and so on.”
Students at the department of environment are encouraged to join seminars, workshops, conferences, and competitions which give them more knowledge and experience.
“Some students could get scholarships to study in US, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Japan and Thailand if they are qualified enough,” said Va Dany.

Does traveling around the world and communicating with amazing people appeal to you? If so, a bachelor degree in media management is right up your alley.
The department of media and communication of Royal University of Phnom Penh was established in 2001 as the first and only academic program for communication, journalism, and media education in Cambodia.
Since media management is granted to only 30 students every year graduate students in the major have a wealth of possibilities when they begin their job search.
Students are trained in just about every skill required by the country’s TV and radio stations, newspapers, magazines and online media outlets.
In order to ensure that students are prepared for the job market, sophomores and juniors have to partake in internships in the field of media and communications. So far students have been sent out to media agencies and NGOs in Cambodia, ASEAN countries, and Europe.

Civil engineering:
It seems that there is always a road or a bridge being built in Cambodia these days, but the country’s infrastructure is still in desperate need of improvement. Join in the development of the Kingdom’s buildings, roads and bridges and become a civil engineer.
Lim Soktai, head of the department of civil engineering at Norton University, said that the civil engineering market is an imortant choice because Cambodia is developing more every day and buildings, roads and bridges will continue to be built for the foreseeable future in Cambodia.
“Students can become geotechnical engineers, designing engineers, and civil engineers after graduation,” said Lim Soktai, adding that despite the decline of building constructions last year, 90 percent of students still found jobs.
To help students understand both theory and practice, students must do a 100-hour internship and present their thesis during their senior year.


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