5 Cool Things by Banung Ou

5 Cool Things by Banung Ou

Watching cartoons
People are born with different natures and hobbies, but they all have one thing in common, which is a sense of humour. One of the best ways to enjoy this humour is through cartoons. Watching cartoons also became my favourite pastime, and for many years I watched cartoons to help me deal with many tough situations such as stress, anger and even loneliness. Therefore, I consider cartoons to be like my best friend, constantly by my side. Take a bit of time to think about it. Cartoons are absolutely fantastic and ever-lasting.

Room redecoration
Many people keep changing things like the way they dress, think or even use things. One thing I like to change all the time is the way my room looks. For me, it makes me feel very calm and fresh to have a new style of room decoration. I often like to replace things or swap things around, move my bed, closet or desk from one position to another. This new design comforts me a lot and it’s like getting a new room instead of staying in the old one.

There are many reasons to take up painting. Some paint for fun when they have free time. It is an extremely enjoyable pastime for many people, who enjoy playing with colours and making visual art. People have also learned a lot from painting. In some European countries, painting is a regular subject in kindergartens because painting teaches students to start thinking and to get more creative. In Cambodia now, there are many places to go to learn painting near schools. It would be cool if you would stop and try one.

Making postcards
Have you ever thought of giving a very special and meaningful gift to your beloved or your friends? Postcards have been around for many years and most people have bought them as souvenirs to give to their friends or family. Postcards are only just a little piece of paper, but the majority of people value them because they are a way of expressing themselves. There are hundreds of different styles on the market, but how about making a postcard on your own? It would be incredible to make one, and not many people know this. Depending on how creative you are, it might take you a moment or just a few seconds to decide what you should use. Nevertheless, your achievement will definitely be a surprise and excite the person you give it to. I have done many postcards for my friends, and they love them. Why not make one yourself?

Relationship Necklaces
There are a few different ways of showing that people are in a relationship. Many couples wear rings on their left hands as a sign to say they are in love. Some even use the same style of rings in many fingers. However, things are changing. Young people are now opting for necklaces as a new way of expressing their love or to keep their love a secret, because not many people pay much attention to necklaces. Silver necklaces  are also reasonably priced and available in every market and souvenir shop. From my own point of view, my boyfriend and I really enjoy the couples’ necklace. It is absolutely cool and modern.