5 Cool things with Boramey Chan

5 Cool things with Boramey Chan

Daily horoscope
Some people say you never know what’s in store for the day ahead. But if you start your day by reading your star sign you will be ready for anything that goes around or comes around. It might sounds a bit superstitious. However, after waking up with a blank mind it is encouraging to leave the house with some clue of what is waiting for you. There is very little risk in putting stock in horoscopes, since even an unlucky fortune usually tells you to be prepared to face the day, which isn’t bad advice to start with. You can find horoscopes all over the net, but Facebook is my choice since I check my page twice a day anyway.

Gibe yourself a gift
It is not surprising that you only think of giving gifts to others, but why not be truly independent by giving one to yourself? I knew someone who had recently been struggling to attract attention, obviously hoping that someone would give them a gift to lift them out of their troubles. But all she had to do was give herself a gift to turn things around. A happy gift is a blessed thing. So, the first gift you should give yourself is a smile at the person you see in the mirror. Trust me; it’s not a stupid thing to do. Smiling just makes you feel different. Start and end you day with a smile on your face and you will never need someone else to make you feel happy.

Street food
Some of our preferences might be changing, but street food is still the top choice for Phnom Penh teens with an empty stomach. It might not be as famous or trendy as the food you can get at the mall. Yet, nothing satiates my stomach like the uniquely Cambodian offerings cooked up by the Kingdom’s many street vendors. Now an unprecedented five cool meals within five cool things. 1: Roasted eggs at the corner of Wat Sarawan 2. Spicy papaya salad nearby the Ministry of Environment 3. Snow cones behind Norodom Primary school 4. Meatballs in front of the Daun Penh primary school 5. Khmer cake next to Pencil supermarket riverside.

Reading for self-improvement
Reading doesn’t always have to be boring. You just have to figure out what type of book keeps you turning the page. To be honest, I hardly ever read textbooks from school. However, I do enjoy getting lost in books that challenge me to strengthen my mind, improve my general knowledge and build my understanding of my life and the world around me. The two books that I’m reading at the moment are “12 steps for life changing power–Dump you hang ups” and “How to sell your way through life”. While everyone else is sticking their face in their cell phone, set yourself apart and kick back with a cool book. It will give you a chance to escape for a few moments, and might change your life forever.

Staying stylish online
No matter how busy you are, finding time to stay in style will add colour to your life. Getting a good look doesn’t need to cost big bucks, but driving from place to place to find the right fashion for your personality can take up too much of your precious time. Save yourself the hassle and search for the perfect style in seconds by going online to check out the newest trends around the world. I suggest bershka.com, limitedtoo.com and asiajam.com, along with many other sites you are sure to stumble upon while style hunting. Once you know what you want, your trips to the mall will be a breeze. If you don’t see what your looking for at Sorya, Sovanna or Pencil, you can buy the perfect fabric at Tuol Tumpong and get a truly unique outfit made in a few days.


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    HUN Sen reached the milestone of 34 years as Cambodian prime minister on Monday and used the groundbreaking ceremony for a new ring road around Phnom Penh to tell the international community that putting sanctions on the Kingdom meant killing the opposition. “Please don’t forget