5 cool things with Chan Savannara

5 cool things with Chan Savannara

Preah Vihear
On a cliff in the Dangrek mountains, straddling the border between Thailand and Cambodia, sits the world heritage site known as Preah Vihear temple. The old temple, surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests, provides a spectacular setting for a trip with family and friends. The sloping concrete road leading to the temple will help build the excitement on the trip to the temple. The unforgettable images you will see upon arriving at the temple will fill you with national pride and make you think back to the past. “How was this temple built without modern technology?” There are plenty of great places to visit in the Kingdom, but standing atop Preah Vihear as the morning fog rolls in might be the best place that you will find.

Conserving the environment
Throwing away your rubbish and minimising your impact on the environment is not a difficult thing to do, but if everyone did these things, Cambodia’s environment would be much healthier than it is today. Walking along the road without trash spread about the sidewalk will make you feel fresh, and less smog in the air will relieve your eyes. Most importantly, people’s health will improve with improvements in the environment. If you start taking care of the earth, your friends and other people will begin to follow your lead, and they will realise that caring about the environment is valuable to Cambodia’s future.

MacBook Pro
There have been dozens of new laptops with cutting-edge technology to hit the market in the last few years. However, MacBook Pro produced by Apple stands out as the best option for its wide range of features for youth interested in everything from design to business. MacBook Pro has a luxurious design and a thin appearance and has extraordinary built-in functions for everything from 3D games to photos, videos and programming. With new Intel Core 2 Duo processors, the new MacBook Pro boosts performance by 50 percent over the previous generation. It might be expensive, but if you want to upgrade your lifestyle through technology, this is the computer for you.

Scholarship sites
Any Cambodian youth hoping to get ahead of their peers academically and professionally is probably eager to find opportunities to get experience in a developed country. But how do you find out about these opportunities? The best way to stay up to date on these matters is to regularly check in on sites with scholarship information. The three sites that I obsessively check are www.cambodiajobs.blogspot.com, which focuses on scholarship and job announcements for Cambodians, www.scholarization.blogspot.com and www.scholarship-online.com, which has scholarships for students around the world. Subscribe as a member and you can get updates sent to your email. You can stay up to date on new opportunities without taking time away form your already busy schedule.

Nikon D3000
Every day you walk by thousands of things that are beautiful, surprising or horrific. Make sure you remember all of them by buying a camera so you can just reach down to your side and capture a picture that will last a lifetime. You will build up a catalogue of your life as the photos begin to build up on your computer’s hard drive. For my money, the Nikon D3000 Digital SLR is the best camera on the market. Whether or not you are traveling on a tour around the country, journeying overseas or just walking around your hometown, you will be prepared to keep a photographic diary of your life. When you move on to the next phase of your life, you will never forget about the people and places who were part of your past.