5 Cool things by Chey Phearon

5 Cool things by Chey Phearon

“A DOG is a man’s best friend,” is a famous quote, and it’s one many people have taken to heart.   I believe that saying is true – but if a dog is a human’s best friend, a young puppy is even more so. Puppies are even more lovely and innocent; having one myself, I can vouch for this.   I can ease the stress from schoolwork by playing with my puppy, because it’s always cheerful. In fact, just looking at its delightful face makes me smile or laugh.  Sometimes, I talk with my puppy alone because I can say what I’m really thinking without having to worry. For example, I often rehearse with my puppy before I express my feelings to someone. So, all things considered, my puppy is good enough to be my best friend.

Ice pillow
AN ice pillow is first and foremost used to help ease headaches. Even though the pillow’s contents are at freezing point, it also contains very soft substances.  The pillow cools your neck, enabling it to relax while you sleep. Just like massage, it brings you a pleasant feeling and makes the body more healthy.  You’ll enjoy this pillow, especially when it’s hot outside, because you will feel calm when laying your head on it. An Ice pillow can sometimes be too cool for your head, but you can use a towel to fold around it.  Sleeping on an ice pillow feels like sleeping on a boat floating on cool water. And that makes me feel so relaxed.

Yuri's Revenge

IMAGINE you’re a commander who is responsible for an entire troop, and there are enemies invading your land and taking your people’s lives.  Those enemies are equipped with all sorts of weapons, but now is not the time to panic. This is the scenario of the computer game Yuri’s Revenge.  Yuri is one of the commanders who is not involved in either the Communist Party or the Democracy Party, but he is willing to conquer as many countries as he can by using the technology at his disposal. When you play this game in campaign mode, your final mission is to capture Yuri. Playing Yuri’s Revenge is an exercise in gaining leadership, too.

Smart bandage
THE smart bandage is one of the latest technologies from Australia.  Its most significant feature is that it changes colour so doctors and patients can monitor how well a wound is healing. When the skin’s temperature is normal or cool, the bandage’s colour is red, the lowest scale.  But if the wound becomes infected and there is a gradual increase in  temperature, the bandage changes colour from red to yellow, green and, finally, blue.  Similarly, the colour will change from blue to red again when the temperature begins to decline.  Smart bandages are produced from liquid crystalline, a mixture of chemical substances that change colour according to temperature.


WHILE walking along the street, you see a woman being threatened by a man who is brandishing a knife. Will you help her?  It’s a common view that if you reckon you can overpower the man, you should go to the woman’s aid. Or, in contrast, would you just stand there and watch or scream? I would certainly help the woman if I knew Bokator, a traditional Khmer style of boxing.  I’ve had a dream of mastering Bokator ever since I watched a movie whose central character was a Bokator fighter, because I’ve always wanted to be a hero.  Protecting ourselves and our country, and helping others, is actually the main principle behind Bokator.