5 Cool Things by Choun Channa

5 Cool Things by Choun Channa

Bell ringer
The sound of a bell ringing sometimes can make you feel better when you are not happy, stresses or cannot sleep. When you hear the sound you feel better and forget about things, or it can make you sleepy. But the problem is how to get one? The answer is simple and easy - it is the bell-ringer. You can hang the bell-ringer near your window and it can make a soft ring whenever there is wind because when the wind comes the bell will ring. There are many bell-ringers such as short or long bells, some have pictures on them and also there are many colours you can choose. There are also some bells which have lamps inside that can give your room light. They are not difficult to find because there are many shops selling souvenirs.

There are many websites that can entertain you, but do not forget one website, which is www.zedge.com. Zedge.com is a fantastic website because it has a lot of functions you can enjoy. There are themes, ringtones, wallpaper, videos, games etc. With this cool thing you can either download or upload and it is free. It not only works with your computer, but also with all kinds of mobile phones so you do not need to worry about the series of your phone or how old your computer is any more. Check it out and I’m sure you will like it.

You need to walk every day. So shoes are very important to protect you feet and they can also make you look good. There are many kinds of shoes, but I want to introduce you to shoes that have a string. They are cool when you wear them. String shoes can help you move your legs easily to run, walk and ride a motor bike or a bicycle because it has a string around your leg for support. They are very comfortable. These shoes come in many types and colours.

Alarm clock
Do you have trouble waking up early? If so, what should you do? Who can help you? I can help you. I am the alarm clock. From now on getting to school or work on time is not a problem because now you have an alarm clock. Alarm clocks have many advantages. You can set the alarm to help you get up early in the morning or sometimes you have a nap and you have to get up it. It not only helps you to get up, but also tells the time. There are many kinds of alarm clocks, big, small, plastic or glass, some have pictures and some alarm clocks have albums where you can put the picture or your beloved ones so you can see them every time you want to know the time.

Do you like dancing? If your answer is yes, why not try aerobics? Aerobics can help you whenever you are stressed or unhappy. It is not difficult to do aerobics - you just go to Olympic stadium or any other park near your house and pay 1,000 Riels and you can enjoy it with a trainer to help you if you do not know how to dance. Do not worry if you do not like some styles or hip hop because aerobics has many styles and you can choose traditional music, Korean music, English music or other styles. The one thing you should not forget to bring with you is water because after the aerobics you will feel thirsty.


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