5 cool things by Doth Bunnath

5 cool things by Doth Bunnath

Are you getting enough light while you are studying at night, so that your eyes are not affected? If not, a desk lamp is a great solution that can help make you feel comfortable and enjoy your studies at night. It is also a substitute for the main overhead room lights that waste  electricity. Desk lamps will help you work without affecting your eyes. What’s more, they do not disturb other students, in case you are working in a dormitory. There are many different kinds, and you can choose from many colours and styles. So, what are you waiting for?  If you don’t want to disturb someone in your room while you are studying, choose your favourite desk lamp right now.

Travel coffee mug
A travel coffee mug is a small or medium sized cup that has heat insulation capabilities, making it perfect for those always on the go. If you are a person who travels and loves coffee, this might be something that could come in handy. You can make the coffee and store it in your travel coffee mug for hours and it will still be hot. The insulation system will ensure that the coffee temperature is preserved and you can enjoy it much later too. If the mug is big enough, you can easily store three to four servings. It can also be used to store other beverages, whether hot or cold. By the way, did you know that a travel coffee mug is a nice gift item to give to friends and family? So, what are you waiting for?

Business magazines
“If you want to be rich, you should get involved in business” is a common phrase that you will hear from wealthy people all around the world. Humankind is often self-interested and many will pursue high-class standards and riches. However, many do not know what the strategies or keys are to a successful business consist.  A business magazine could help here, as its articles could familiarise you with well-established business practices. Plus, there are a lot of successful businessmen who are willing to share their experiences and give their advice and expertise in certain articles. By sharing their stories, you might be able to realise your business dreams. Turn your interest to new business magazine now and  you will not only gain knowledge but also be entertained.

Bank account
The modern world increasingly relies on technology. This includes the business world, where businessmen prefer cheques or credit cards. If you want to conduct business with foreigners, having a bank account is crucial, as business will likely not be conducted entirely in cash. You will need a banker to help you. Opening a bank account is similar to owning a business: your money savings can increase day by day. Since the banking sector in Cambodia continues to grow, it has become easy to open your own account even with only a small amount of money. Go get one now, it will help with your future business!

A calculator is a necessary thing for all businessmen and women, especially sellers. They can be used to calculate accurate money exchanges easily and quickly. We don’t need to spend a lot of time calculating the change or the restaurant bills ourselves. It is not only important for businesses but also for studying, and are very useful for mathematics, physics and accounting as well. By helping students settle their exercises more quickly, common stress associated with studying is alleviated. Additionally, a calculator is a crucial instrument for auditors, because it helps them to speed up the analysis of the many accounts they oversee.


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