5 Cool Things by Heng Sokchannaroath

5 Cool Things by Heng Sokchannaroath

Small Drawer
There are far too many people, especially woman, who go through life no knowing where to put their jewellery. It’s a shame, since all they need is a small and secure drawer to place their beloved, wearable valuables. If you can find one with separate compartments it will be like your bracelets, necklaces and earrings each have their own rooms.  If you don’t find suitable lodging for your finest gold, silver, and gems, they will become work out and lose their lustre. Don’t let that happen, because jewellery is one thing that you can pass on for generations, and if you really want to help future generations, make sure you buy Cambodian crafted adornments when possible.

Name Necklace
Do you want to stand out form the crown for being one-of-a-kind? If so; listen in. If not; enjoy following the crowd. There are now some great jewellery shops in Cambodia where you can get your name cut out in whatever colour or style you desire, and then proudly keep your identity on the choker around your neck wherever you go. Say goodbye to people forgetting your name when they’re talking to you, and say hello to people stopping you on the street because your sense of self, and style, is undeniable. For sure, people will pay attention, both because your new neck piece is gorgeous and it forms your name, so people will simply recognise you more easily.

Touch Screen Karaoke
You have lived a deprive youth if you haven’t taken a touch screen karaoke machine for a spin at some point in your life. I dare say you will say “WOW!” when you engage for the first time with the most up-to-date song assisting equipment. It is a waist-high apparatus, making it quite ergonomical as you stand over it and select the song that sits your singing style best. You will realise its full potential only when you plug it into a TV and watch the videos while visually preparing for the next one. In an instance, you can play games on the touch screen and scream out the lyrics of the song playing over the TV. There are a number of other brilliant functions, including the ability to record your voice and create your own playlist to make sure every tune makes you sound like a star.

Nintendo Gameboy
Can entertainment and education exist in the same electronic device. With a Nintendo in hand, I can confidently answer YES. The newest version of Nintendo’s portable game player is similar to a Gameboy, but it looks way cooler, and cuter. It has all of the classics, a bunch of new games, and plenty of educational activities, include sodoku, word spell, Brainage, and many more. Once you are finished learning, there are some super cool games like badminton, and the most exciting feature to me was a special function for storing mp3s so you can listen to music any time you happen to have the tiny video-game system on your person. There is even a voice recorder to recognise audio signals and blowing for certain games. This may not be important to hard core gamers, but you can even choose your favourite colour for your new toy, since it is sold in white, black, pink, and blue.

Cracked nail polish
Are you getting bored with the normal, flat nail polish? Do you get stressed out about ruining the perfect shine emanating from your perfectly glossed finger nails? As I’m sure you answered yes to at least one of those questions; here is some info you will be thankful for. Cracked nail polish is a hot new style, so you will look like the hippest pop stars out there, and if you happen to get a scratch or crack , it will just look cooler! For those of you who spend hours painting tiny images or patterns on your nails, save yourself some time, and see a spike in your style, with three easy steps. First, paint nails white. Second, choose the cracked colour you want. Third, apply it and watch your nails become awesome.


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