5 cool things by Khun Narakrangchan

5 cool things by Khun Narakrangchan

Credit card

What is a credit card? Have you got one with you? If not, you should think of getting one, as a credit card will make you feel cool. First, they can keep your money safe, as it’s difficult for other people to use your credit card. Second, a credit card, such as the ones issued by Visa, can be used worldwide. You can pay for things quickly in shops, and it’s the best thing for online shopping. Last, you don’t need to carry so much cash with you – just one plastic card. Your card, not your money. Have you tried one yet?

Male earring

Hey, guys, do you wear earrings? Why do you wear them? Traditionally, earrings are part of female fashion, but nowadays the world is changing. Most males could wear earrings to be fashionable.  They can be attractive and stylish as a means to enhance their looks. Personally, I find male earrings are a new fashion that is interesting and charming. Those who wear them enjoy their new style, even though others think it is ridiculous or disgusting to wear them. You shouldn’t complain about style!

Harajuku Lovers Fragrance

READY to go out? Are you missing one essential thing? Do you know what that is? It’s Harajuku Lovers Fragrance. It is a popular perfume  that smells pretty good and isn’t too expensive. Moreover, its packaging is cuter and more interesting than most others. After you’ve got dressed and made up, ready to go out, put on some Harajuku Lovers Fragrance. After that, you will feel more confident and comfortable when dating. This is the main reason why I choose it to be the one of my cool things for it always makes me feel good and more confident. I’m a Harajuku Lovers lover!

Barbie cooking game
HAVE you ever played the Barbie cooking game? It’s entertaining and informative. It can help you to enjoy cooking without any mess. It helps you understand the procedure for recipes such as burgers, pizzas and ice cream. This game can definitely be advantageous for a majority of adults and children. The Barbie cooking game is a game that I love and enjoy playing in my free time. Moreover, it has taught me many things.

Free phone calls and text

THE world is getting smaller with the advance of technology. We can connect with each other over long distances almost instantaneously.  With Viber’s VoIP app, this is all the more true, as it lets you call or text anyone in your family or someone special. Have you ever tried Viber? Viber looks like Skype. There are no hidden costs (except for data charges), no registration required and you have the ability to receive calls any time without the need to connect to the internet. The best thing about about Viber is that you can call anyone you love any time.