5 Cool things by Khun Nayheak

5 Cool things by Khun Nayheak

Swimming cap
Have you ever tried swimming before? What accessories did you use to aid you when doing so? To really get into swimming, some people like to focus on the style of stroke they are using to move though the water, but not me. I do pay some mind to swimming, as to prevent drowning, but I find that stretching a swimming cap over my head is the true key to a smooth workout in the water. My messy hair temporarily disappears and I am able to focus on the task at hand: swimming. “But where in the world would one buy a swim cap?” I am sure you are asking, unnecessarily it turns out. You can pick up a swim cap at bookstores, markets and shopping centres around the city. See you poolside!

It seems like everything is modern or being updated these days, and that goes for people too. Many people these days seem obsessed with health and appearance. While I am not particularly strict about the food I eat and drinks I drink, I do find yogurt to be a healthy and delicious option to satisfy my cravings when I am feeling a bit peckish. Apart from making hungry people less hungry, yogurt also improves your complexion, helps you keep weight off and does even greater wonders for the inner workings of your body. I dare say that everyone is pleased by yogurt. Therefore, go to the market and get a cool cup of yogurt and be pleased. Go!


Tennis is well-known all over the world with superstars and major tournaments and all the other things that go along with being a high-profile sport. The same can not really be said about badminton, which is sort of like the cheaper and easier version of tennis. To avoid making any professional badminton players angry, I am sure it is not easy to be good, but I just play to have fun. Whether I am alone or with some buddies, it is a fun activity to keep you entertained while you want to unwind from a difficult day or get ready for the day to come. If you play with a partner you can even improve your communication through badminton, how many reasons do you need?

Fresh juice
When you live in a warm country like Cambodia and you get thirsty, well, you get REALLY thirsty. So, what do you think of in these situations. Beer? Milk? Tea? Water? For me it’s: Nope. Nope. Nope. And nope to those choices. I’ll have a freshly squeezed glass of fruit juice, thank you. I have probably already inspired most readers to run out to the store in search of an icy fruit shake, but if you still aren’t convinced, think about this. It is arguably the most delicious of all the choices, and an even stronger case can be made for its superior health benefits. You can’t say that about Coke, can you?

Currency as art

Money, money. It’s what many people wish for and it can seem that they worship it. In the minds of many, money will help them attain power and reach their lifelong ambitions. Money can also buy gifts to give to the people we love, but you don’t always have to go shopping to make money turn into a cute little gift. You just need few minutes to sit down with some currency and start folding. To the Japanese, the folding of paper is called origami and it is a form of art. You can form your own opinion of my skills (see exhibit A to the right) but regardless of what you think, it is more fun than emptying out your pockets every time a birthday rolls around. I mean: I made you a piece of art...


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