5 Cool Things by Khut Sornnumul

5 Cool Things by Khut Sornnumul

Book holder
How do you feel when you have to hold a book for hours while you read? Perhaps you get tired and don’t want to continue your reading no matter how interesting the book is. A book holder will make your reading more friendly and enjoyable. The only thing that you need to do is to move your eyes from one line to another and one paragraph to the next. The only thing that requires hands is turning the page. It helps you to concentrate more on reading and speed of reading will be faster as well. What is more, book holders keep your books looking neat and new.

Chewing gum
What disease is most damaging to your communication skills? Bad breathe, of course. People won’t  want to talk to you when you produce unpleasant smells from your mouth.  Even though, sometimes, you brush your teeth thousand times in a day, you still have unwanted odor gusting from your mouth. Chewing gum is an effective remedy that should not be taken for granted. Not only does it help make your teeth bright, it also helps you get rid of that foul mouth stench. You will become an infinitely more confidant people without this worry on your mind. Bear this in mind.

Weight lifting
Do you want to keep your body fit? Are you the type of person, probably a dude, who likes the idea of having huge muscles? Do you want to be a Korean star? I am sure the answer is YES! to all of these questions, and therefore, you should do weight lifting. It’s an indoor sport that requires using a lot of energy; however, you will, in turn, get back a very satisfactory result. Society will sing your praises as your fit bod becomes the standard for fitness. Your body will be more resistant to diseases which attempt to harm you. You can save the time you would go to a doctor and get a buff body instead. You will also feel confident in doing something because you are strong, attractive man.

Computer fan
Do you want to keep your laptop cool?  Some laptop users complained that their computers are prone to be overheating minutes after they turn it on and start using it,  which as a result make your computer  malfunction and damage leading to shortened component life span. However, computer fans, as I have experienced, will help them to solve these undesirable problems. It can keep every component of your computer cool.   Dust, and other particles hinder  laptop like a disease hinders someone who doesn’t lift weights. What is more, when you use a computer fan underneath your laptop, you will feel cool air pushing from the bottom of your laptop that makes you feel a lot comfortable and less distracted by the heat.

Phone dictionary
When you read a text, more often than not, you will encounter some difficult words. Then you have to go find a heavy hardcopy dictionary at home or the corner of your library and look for the words one by one. You have to spend an eternity to find out each word and try to understand it. But if you have a phone dictionary, you will find very easily the word you want to use. You just type the word and click “Show”, after that you will see the meaning(s) of the word. It will take you just a few seconds. You don’t need to carry it from one place to another like hardware dictionary, because it is always with you anyhow. You can check it any time you wish.


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