5 Cool Things by Lay Rattana

5 Cool Things by Lay Rattana

USB modem:
Your life will become more convenient and the world will become closer to you if you have a USB modem nearby. You will never need to face the difficulty of going to a cafe, internet shop or school and asking for password again, and it is much cheaper than connecting your home with  wireless router. A USB modem is a small device that you can carry with and use anywhere, anytime. Chat with friends, check mail, access information nonstop once you decide to commit to the internet stick. You will look like a more modern and civilized person when you reach into your pocket and bring your hand out with a world of information inside of it.

Have you ever felt like you can’t sleep well? Do you know how to get a good night’s sleep? If you don’t know or your old habit doesn’t work, you should switch it up. But how? To find a good solution for that, go to www.ehow.com. It is the website that can tell you about “How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep Naturally,” and thousands of other things that will make your life better, easier, and more efficient. You will get instructions and some tips to help you, however you need it. For sleep you need to invest in a comfortable mattress, make sure the pillow is a good fit, wear comfortable clothes, turn off all lights, take a warm shower first and find a comfortable position and snuggle in. Visit the site yourself and solve all the problems that have been bothering you.

Have you ever felt lonely when you are lying around your house? Want to know how you can deal with that? I would guess that you have at least fed a gold fish before, if not don’t fret, just take my advice and go and buy a few scaly friends at the nearest fish shop, along with a jar, and you’ve got yourself some friends for life (warning: their life might not be that long). When you feel you are tired form work or study, gold fish will be there to listen to you and make you feel fresh again. Because its colour looks so wonderful, it will attract your eyes and distract you from your sorrows.  They are so lively, you can’t help but feel excited about life.


Hanging out with friends at the weekend is my favourite activity. But it’s not all about the company, hanging out without eating is like drinking coffee without sugar. My favourite activity within my favourite activity is ordering pizza, particularly some type of pizza that I have never tried before. How about you? Which type of pizza do you like to eat? Sea food? Super Deluxe? Hawaiian? Maybe Double Cheese? Have you ever samples a BBQ Chicken Deluxe pizza? The taste is absolutely apart form all the others, the sweet and sour flavours bursting from the vegetables, meat and sauces will make you feel like you are eating the best thing in the world; and maybe you are.

Ice skating:
Have you ever dreamed of going to Europe or another cold-weather climate and sliding around an ice rink? Now you can make your dreams come true, and you don’t need fly abroad to achieve your goal. You can enjoy a fantastic swirl round the ice with your friends and family at the ice rink located on Diamond Island. The wonders don’t end at the rink either; you can check out some sweet ice sculptures, ice temples, ice bears and so on. There are also pieces of ice to carve to create whatever frozen wonder you can imagine. For just 6 dollars per visit, you can wallow in freezing temperatures that will make you colder than you have ever been. But don’t be scared, you can snuggle into a sweater to keep you warm during the icy fun. The rink is open every day from 9am to 10pm.


  • New US bill ‘is a violation of Cambodian independence’

    After a US congressmen introduced bipartisan legislation that will enact sanctions on Cambodian officials responsible for “undermining democracy” in the Kingdom, government officials and the ruling Cambodian People’s Party on Sunday said they regarded the potential action as the “violation of independence and sovereignty

  • Long way to go before Cambodia gets a ‘smart city’

    Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Battambang will struggle to attain smart city status without adopting far reaching master plans, according to officials tasked with implementing the program. The brainchild of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean), the smart city program seeks to link up

  • Ministry’s plan for net sparks fears

    The government has ordered all domestic and international internet traffic in the Kingdom to pass through a Data Management Centre (DMC) that has been newly created by the state-owned Telecom Cambodia, in a move some have claimed is an attempt to censor government critics. Spokesman

  • China-Cambodia tourism forum held

    The Cambodian tourism sector must be prepared to welcome a growing number of Chinese tourists, as they lead the globe in the number of outbound travellers and were responsible for the most visitors to the Kingdom last year, the country’s tourism minister said on