5 Cool Things by Lim Meng Y

5 Cool Things by Lim Meng Y

Laptop sticker
Feeling fed up with the look of your boring old laptop? Do you want to alter its look? A laptop sticker can help you solve this problem. You can choose a variety of innovative colours and designs to stick on your laptop case. Then it will look more personalised and attractive. As it is removable, your options are wide open. You can customise your laptop sticker with pictures, names or any kind of logo, such as a school or business logo. This great idea helps you to advertise your business or company through the logo you stick on your laptop. Another advantage is the fact that the sticker can help to protect against scratches and damage. So, are you ready to alter your laptop’s skin into your own personal and unique look which no one else has?

Nowadays, photo editing is becoming popular among teenagers after they take photos. Most of the time they use programmes such as photoshop, and there are many other applications to edit an image, but I would like to introduce you to a online photo editing website which can help you edit thousands of shots, make graphics, animations, etc. This website provides you with many tools to help you create your own masterpiece that expresses your ideas, feelings and emotions. You can also share your editing with the world and compete with other people around the world. So do not hesitate to become a member and enjoy your editing on Blingee.com. Registration is free.

Being a girl who has been keen on cosmetics and make-up, I would like to share the benefits of lipstick with all Lift readers. You’ll feel cordial and confident whenever you have your face made-up if you add lipstick. Lipstick is one those elements to help you with make-up. With lipstick, your face will sparkle like a precious gem. Besides helping you to put a desirable colour on your lips to look more beautiful, lipstick can also prevent you from suffering from dry or cracked lips. It keeps your lips moisturised, smooth, soft and glossy every time you apply it, especially in the cold season. However, be clever and choose the right colour and product which suits your lip condition, or you can choose your favourite flavours such as grape.

Most women always want compliments on their beauty or looks. High-heeled shoes a woman’s best friends since they can make women look more stylish, tall and confident. Wearing high-heels help show how attractive a woman can be and accentuates their figure. With a pair of high-heels, you will look taller and shapelier. For those women who like to dress up in the latest fashions, especially in mini-skirts, do not forget to add heels in order to look more gorgeous. However, some women feel awkward when they wear high-heels the first time, so practice walking at home so you won’t feel awkward when you go out. Then everyone will turn around and fix their eyes on your figure.

Are you planning to do something for decorating your room? Or are you interested in fine art? If the answer “yes”, why not consider a mosaic picture. For those who enjoy painting pictures, let’s try to make a mosaic. The processes are easy: just draw a sketch of the picture you would like to have, then cut papers (whatever colour you want) into small pieces. Next, assemble all the small pieces of coloured paper and stick them on the picture you’ve sketched. Then you will have a colourful and beautiful mosaic picture. If you can afford it, put it in a nice frame so you can display your masterpiece in your beloved bedroom or anywhere else. My last recommendation is to throw away the idea of buying expensive gifts for your special one. Try to make a great mosaic on your own with a meaningful picture, and it’s guaranteed that he/she will be pleasantly surprised by this unique gift.


  • Negotiations on EBA being held

    In an effort to defuse tensions, a senior government official said Cambodia is negotiating with the European Union (EU) on the Everything But Arms (EBA) trade deal, which allows the Kingdom to export goods to the 28-member bloc tariff-free. The EU notified Cambodia on October 5

  • Ministers to tackle sea pollutants

    Preah Sihanouk provincial authorities and members of local communities have collected 77 tonnes of water hyacinth at a Sihanoukville beach, Preah Sihanouk Provincial Hall spokesperson Or Saroeun said. He told The Post yesterday that the aquatic weeds had been floating along some of the province’s

  • Chinese police escort deported scam suspects

    Ninety-one Chinese nationals accused of extorting money from victims in a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) scam were deported from Phnom Penh International Airport on Monday under the escort of 182 Chinese police personnel. General Department of Immigration head of investigations Ouk Hay Seila told reporters

  • EU officials: Ending EBA an 18-month procedure

    EU officials have confirmed that it will take a total of 18 months to complete the procedure if Cambodia’s preferential Everything But Arms (EBA) trade agreement is to be withdrawn. According to EU Agriculture and Rural Development spokesman Daniel Rosario, the formal process has not