5 Cool Things by Noy Kimhong

5 Cool Things by Noy Kimhong

DVD Player
Have you ever had problems trying to play hundreds of songs? When you want to play something which contains hundreds of songs, you might find it hard because you need to select which songs to play all the time. But a DVD player can help you solve these problems. You do not need to spend money buying an Mp3 player or a CD player, you just buy a DVD player. You can play and enjoy all kinds of audio-related things on a DVD player. You can also play hundreds of songs without having to press a button after every 10 or 12 songs like you do when you use an Mp3 player or a CD player. A DVD player is a three-in-one electronic product, meaning that it can be a CD player, an Mp3 player and a video player. Whenever you need to play audio or video, please think of the DVD player. It is an easy way to save money, time and electricity.

Organic food
Do you want to live a long time? Do you want to be healthy? Do you want to be handsome and beautiful? If you want all these things, you have to think about organic food. What is organic food? Organic food is any type of food grown or raised without using chemical substances or chemical fertilizers. Organic food is made using natural products. And it tastes very good. It does not have a bad effect on your health, even if you eat a lot. It contains a lot of vitamins, which helps to build up the human body to be strong. Nowadays we see that due to the development of modern technology, almost everything contains chemical substances which can easily harm us and make people become weak. Groups of scientists believe that organic food is the best things to delay ageing and to help us resist disease. So I would like to encourage people both in Cambodia and all over the world to please think about organic food if you want to be healthy and strong.

Card reader
Somehow you might get bored copying files, sounds, audio, pictures, photos, videos or music from an Mp3 player because of a lack of memory. Some have big memories and some are small, while others can be difficult to use. A card reader is the best thing to help you resolve these problems easily. By owning a card reader, you can use it at any time, with anything and anywhere you want. You can keep it in your pocket or in your bag. When you need to use it, you just take it out from  where you keep it. Without owning one, you would have to borrow one from your friends or your peers. Different appliances have different memories, but if you have your own card reader, life becomes easier and more comfortable. It does not matter what the memory limits are – phones, cameras or video cameras. Your problems are solved.

Electric rice cooker
Do you want to cook you rice well without over cooking it? Some cooks and housewives always complain that they are really bored cooking rice and soup, because sometime it is over-cooked and sometimes it is not cooked enough. Now cooks can stop worrying. An electric cooker, from my own experience, will help solve these problems. And they can save you time. You can work and do other thing while the rice is cooking. You just clean the rice, then add water to the correct level and then let it cook. It does not matter how long you cook it because the quality of the rice or soup will be the same. You just open the cover and eat when you have finished your work.

Some people get stressed after doing a lot of work or studying hard. So how can people avoid stress and what can they do to get rid it? From my experiences, I would like to take this opportunity to share some knowledge with Phnom Penh Post/Lift readers. To solve this issue of stress, meditation is the best and wonderful way. If you feel stressed, just spend 10 to 30 minutes, or even one hour, to meditate. You start by adjusting your breathing and slowing things down. By doing this, you can stay calm and feel better. You can also sit or stand. It is up to you. But I would recommend that people not stand for a long time, so it is better to sit down. When you sit, you can put your hand on your other hand and you do not feel tired. Many scientists strongly believe that by doing meditation, it makes the heart and blood movement work smoothly and those who meditate feel calm. They also recommend that people should do meditation in order to feel fresh.


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