5 Cool things with Rachana Veng

5 Cool things with Rachana Veng

Sherlock Holmes
Do books make you feel like you’ve taken a sleeping pill? If so, try out the Sherlock Holmes series about a fictional detective who is famous for his innovative and entertaining crime-solving skills. When I first picked up a Sherlock Holmes book I couldn’t put it down until it was finished. In the beginning the brilliant detective picks up some clues which seem insignificant, but by the end of the book he has taken those bits of information and used them to solve the mystery. As you read you can test your own skills as a detective by analysing the story as it goes and trying to solve the mystery yourself. Get a Sherlock Holmes book and start honing your crime-solving skills today.

Avatar: the game
Avatar is the most famous and best-selling 3D movie to date. It is a science-fiction film describing an invasion launched by humans on an ethic group of aliens on the planet Pandora. The scenes in Avatar take place in bizarre environments featuring bizarre creatures and the movie climaxes with an intergalactic battle for the future of humanity. Watching these events play out is exciting, just imagine how awesome it would be to be an Avatar yourself. You may think it’s a crazy idea, but, since the movie came out, some sweet video games have been released that give you a chance to join the action. Go to a game seller today and pick up copy for your computer or game-playing device. Start you own Avatar adventure and see where it takes you.

Comic Books - Op Sok
Do you have a sense of humor? If your answer is no, you should be worried because there is a high probability that you are boring. Joking and laughing are some of the best ways to meet friends and make loved ones happy. But, just because you are the captain of team No Fun right now doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Start to build up your appreciation for humour by picking up the comic book named Op Sok on a regular basis. Save just 100 riel per day and you will have enough money to buy every new volume when it comes out. While reading you will release your stress, develop your sense of humour and share your new-found funniness with the people around you. Take my advice and you will soon be famous for your hilarious jokes and entertaining personality.

Hidden picture
Hidden picture is one of the most popular games among Cambodians today. The best thing about the game is that it is entertaining for people of all ages and can be played in many ways. You can buy hidden picture books at bookstores all over Cambodia or download different versions of the game on your cell phone or computer, and all you need is your eyes to play. As long as you are focused and flexible in your thinking, you will be able to figure out the confusing images and enjoy yourself immensely. Raise the level of fun by playing with a group of friends or make it a family affair. Assert your dominance by finding more pictures than your opponents. The game is not only fun, it is a proven way for children to improve flexibility and intelligence and for elderly people to keep their memory sharp.

Watching 4D movies at Sorya Shopping Center
Watching 3D movies is very exciting, but watching 4D ones is absolutely thrilling! 4D technology, which adds physical elements such as movement, wind and water to the normal viewing experience which uses your eyes and ears, has existed in other countries for years, but has only recently arrived in Cambodia. If you haven’t gone to the 4D simulation theatre on the top floor of Soria shopping centre, what are you waiting for? Choose which movie you want to explore and strap in for the ride. Journey to space with astronauts, lose yourself in a ghost house, explore volcanoes or partake in a variety of other adventures. You can go with your friends, family or even by yourself. You are sure to love it.


  • Hun Sen to ‘step down’ if he loses Sam Rainsy bet over Kem Sokha

    Hun Sen has promised to step down as prime minister while opposition figure Sam Rainsy pledges to turn himself in as forfeits if the long-term political rivals lose a “bet” over the future of former opposition leader Kem Sokha, who is on bail awaiting trial

  • UAE prince seeks to invest in Cambodia

    The UAE has expressed interest in Cambodian oil and gas exploration. Minister of Mines and Energy Suy Sem said this was the result of his discussions with Sheikh Ahmed bin Dalmook bin Juma al-Maktoum, a member of the royal family who visited him on Wednesday.

  • Smith calls for ‘release’ of Sokha as visit ends

    At a press conference to conclude her 11-day visit to Cambodia, UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Cambodia Rhona Smith on Thursday called for treason charges against former opposition leader Kem Sokha to be dropped and for him to be released from “restricted detention”.

  • PM denies ‘nepotism’ claims

    Prime minister Hun Sen denied on Thursday that nepotism was involved in the recent promotions of the children of senior government officials. He said they had been “trained” and were entirely capable of carrying out their duties while being open to “punishment” like anyone else.