5 Cool Things by Sophinarath Cheang

5 Cool Things by Sophinarath Cheang

Hand Sanitizer
This is a very useful tool to stay healthy. A hand sanitizer is a must when it comes to washing your hands. It is made of alcohol rubs and many other chemicals that kill germs, most bacteria and some viruses. We cannot see those germs on our hands and probably don’t even know if you have any. This is why we need to use hand sanitizer to prevent us from being affected by those bacteria. It is very easy and safe to use. Simply apply some sanitizer to the palm of your hands and rub them together to spread it all over the surface of your hands until they are completely dry. We should use it especially before eating. It is handy, we can buy small bottles or tubes of it and take it with us everywhere we go. It is cool to stay healthy and pay attention to a small thing that can prevent us from being sick. .

We all are living in a cyber world, and young people love to reach out to cool websites. To keep myself entertained, educated and up to date with new technology and science, I like to access a website called TED.com. TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design and it’s a website that hosts lots of presentations. All the presentations are both entertaining and educational. They give me ideas and update me with new, creative ideas from many talented people all around the globe, including in the US, Europe and Asia. I am also fascinated with the fact that TED’s presenters are professional public speakers. They know how to talk and get people’s attention. TED also teaches us how to host a presentation. And guess what? TED presentations are in English, so I have the opportunity to improve my English as well. What is even cooler about TED is that I can choose to display subtitles, which allows me to read along with the presenters.

When many see that my cool thing is reading, they may throw their arms in the air in despair. But reading is my thing, and I love it. I know that telling you reading is a cool thing to do might sound corny or like a cliché. And ironically, I am not one of those bookworms who turn reading into their part time job. However, I like to read the biographies of famous people, especially those I think I can relate to, and those I find interesting. I like to know what obstacles and struggles people have been through and what makes them who they are today. Reading a biography is not that difficult. Usually the authors write their books the way they speak. There usually aren’t too many difficult words either. In fact, I learn new words and have a clear sense of understanding them through the way the authors explain the situation. I usually read during my spare time when music does not take away my boredom.

Collecting key-chains
There are many people who collect stamps and coins from countries around the globe, but I doubt there are many who are collecting key-chains like me. Yelp! I collect key chains! So far I have about 10 of them, each of which has its own meaning to me. I started about one year ago and I thought this would be fun and quite unique. Besides photographs, those key-chains always remind you of the places you have been to or the person who give them to you. These artifacts will become antiques as the get older. Once you decide to give one of them to your beloved ones, it will be really special. Think about it – it is really cool and unique.

Running shoes
How many pairs of shoes do you have? Any running shoes? Running shoes are meant to be used by athletes, but that does not mean we cannot use them for walking. They are actually designed for specific sports. They look similar to sneakers, but they are thicker and more protective for our feet. Running shoes protect your feet by giving you more balance when you walk. I personally find it more convenient to wear running shoes on a regular basis to school because I can walk faster without hurting my feet and it makes me look somehow fashionable. You can also use your running shoes when you go walking or running at the stadium or along the river front. Not only do you feel comfortable with running shoes, you also keep your feet clean.


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