5 Cool things with Touch Yin Vannith

5 Cool things with Touch Yin Vannith

Compact stool
It’s a dream that we have all had, but you probably filed it into the “to good to be true” folder long ago. You are stuck in a line, a bus stop or some other situation where extended waiting is inevitable. While laymen are condemned to stand for minutes on end, you have a magical seat that seems to appear out of nowhere to give respite to your aching legs. I know it’s shocking, but this fantasy can be a reality if you remember to pack a compact stool before leaving the house. Just fold it up when you’re finished sitting and tuck it away until the next time your legs need a miracle.

Alarm Clock
Cell phones have replaced these age-old sleep disruptors on many people’s bedside tables, but I am the self-appointed leader of the modern movement to bring back the time-tested alarm clock. To focus only on their functionality as an alarm is to seriously overlook the multi-faceted appeal that alarm clocks bring to the table. Besides offering a timely start to your day, alarm clocks also allow you the luxury of turning off your cell phone to avoid late-night and early-morning calls that would otherwise disrupt your beauty sleep. Another benefit frequently ignored during shoddy alarm-clock analysis is their invaluable aesthetic contribution to the bedroom. With an infinite variety of colours and designs, there is an alarm clock out there anxiously waiting for you to give it a home.

Dancing Machine
Despite the image that springs to mind, dancing machine is not a reference to a giant metal robot designed to get jiggy wit’ it on demand (although I admit that would also be super cool). Dancing Machine is actually an arcade installation that will have even your most goofy-footed friends getting down. Head to almost any arcade with a bit of money in your pocket and prepare yourself for a sudden release of your boredom. The game doesn’t care about age either, so bring your baby brother or aging grandma to the arcade and be amazed as they transform into their own version of a dancing maniac.

Are you bored with fast foods that once seemed trendy but now look like a mound of fat wrapped in paper? Are you worried that a steady diet of deep-fried meat is making people wonder if there might be a baby inside your belly? It’s not too late to turn things around, and mushrooms might be your best bet when attempting to implement a diet overhaul. It can be hard to let go of your favourite snacks, especially if you are replacing them with items like tofu shakes and lettuce burgers, so trick your taste buds and integrate mushrooms into your favourite dishes to give them a healthier spin. You will be surprised by how similar fried chicken wings and beef stew can taste when the meat is made of mushrooms. Eating healthy isn’t easy, and although mushrooms won’t offer encouraging words, they will be there to support you along the way.

Riverside terraces
There are so many great places on the riverside to spend a romantic evening that I wouldn’t dare shine the 5 Cool Things light on just one. In fact, take this as a challenge to sample as many riverside locations as you can, then report back to me at angkorone.com/lift to let me know which one is your favourite. While sitting street level is common practice, you are a fool if you don’t strive to find a seat upstairs. You will avoid the street sellers, beggars and general hub-bub, and ascend to a level of uninhibited romance that previously seemed unattainable in Phnom Penh. The best part is the idyllic view of the redesigned riverside and the soothing reflections of the city’s light, moving ever-so-slightly with the current of the Mekong; a reminder that the river never stops flowing, just like your love for the sweetheart sitting by your side.


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