5 Cool things with Vannak Va

5 Cool things with Vannak Va

Accessory: Watch
Even though you can look at your PC or Phone these days to check the time, a wrist watch still remains the classic symbol for a punctual and intelligent man. The watch has to be the most prized accessory for a man these days. When glancing at my analog watch, it gives me a different feeling from the PC or phone clock. It’s more than just a clock in fact; it reminds me about my manners and responsibilities in every situation. That’s the reason some people who have worn watch for several years can’t leave it at home. Without it they just feel like something’s missing.

Place for Entertainment:
Chess café

After a long day of working, you probably want to relax and socialize in a cool place. If there is a better place to make new friends than a chess café I don’t know about it. There are many cafés in Phnom Penh that provide comfortable armchairs for customers to sit, relax and play chess. It’s also a rare place where many different types of people come together. Government officials, NGO workers or company employees all go there. Conversation is sure to flow smoothly as the game moves along. If you’re lucky you can meet a King of Khmer Chess and watch a masterin action.

Leather bag

Carrying a leather organizer bag might be a fashion for high-ranking government officials, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one as well. Carrying a book-size leather bag into a meeting makes you look cool and it’s a style that lets people know you are a professional. You can carry your memory card, pens, notebook, phone and other necessary stuff with elegance. Get one at the mall or the second hand market if you want to save a few dollars.

Escape from work: Sandals
At the end of the day there is nothing better than taking off your smelly socks and stuffy dress shoes. Give your feet a break and put on a pair of sandals that you have stored in your car or motor-bike after leaving work. Loosen your necktie, unbutton your shirt, slip on your sandals and all the stresses of work will be washed away. If you believe traditional Asian medicine, your feet are a central healing point. Take care of your feet and your soul and buy a pair of comfortable sandals for those moments when you can relax.

Computer Program: RealPlayer
Are you tired of clicking a replay icon in a YouTube screen? Why don’t you download the file to your PC so you can watch it even if you aren’t connected to the internet? All you have to do is to download the free RealPlayer software from the web and install it. After that, you can download any video you like. But I’m warning you, it’s quite addictive. If you can’t separate your fun time from work, overuse might be a major issue. Make sure you enjoy it after work hours as a reward for your tiring day.