5 cool tips with Sin Heang

5 cool tips with Sin Heang


Taking photos is one of my specialties, especially outdoor shots. This week I will show you five interesting tips related to photos.

Make your own style   
Being a model, we don’t know how many styles we had used. Before going out for shooting, you have to think: how many styles for today? Is that style like before? You have to find a new style for yourself. Be the first to create it or at least this style is the newest for you whether it used to be used by others. Sometimes the environment around us, broken walls or other materials, also help us create new styles.

Making a photo album
You have to gather your photo collection and manage it chronologically so it’s easy to find your memories. Photos in the album have to be well protected by a kind of plastic protector over the photo. Be aware of sunlight, water and pollution.
Find a reliable photographer
Even if you are a professional photographer you still cannot take your own picture. How about models like us? That’s why you have to find a photographer who takes photos with proficiency, technical experience and good cooperation. Nowadays, new photographers are booming and their work is also good so you should give them some work in order to push them towards their future careers.
Many professional photographers say one phrase: “Don’t judge a place by its environment.” It’s true that outdoor shots depend more on location than anything else. Any kind of archaic or abandoned place is not bad at all. If we walk around one time, we will see many interesting angles. In addition, Magic Hour (one hour after sunrise, one hour before sunset) can make your picture look more interesting.

Clothing for outdoors
Outdoor styles require your appearance to look fashionable, so dressing up is a necessary part. Notice that one suit cannot fit all situations. That is why when you go out to shoot, especially outdoors, you have to prepare at least five changes of clothes due to the location of your shoot.