GETS shares the green world!

GETS shares the green world!


GETS shares the Green World! It is the slogan Green Earth Technology Services (GETS) uses to promote its products. The new South Korean Company does pioneer work in introducing solar energy to Cambodia.

Starting with big opening events in the last few weeks, running under the motto “Cambodia Going Green” the purpose is not only to advertise the products and services of the company, but also to inspire people and enterprises in the use of renewable energy resources and sustainable building technologies. This way carbon dioxide emission will hopefully be reduced and hence making the globe a little bit greener.

It is a challenge for GETS to promote the idea of sustained yield. Hyung Yu, Managing Director of GETS explains their marketing strategy:  “Some investor would prefer a business with a quick turn-in profit rather than one that needs times and effort to convince people to change their consumption behavior. The biggest challenge is to educate people, especially the potential investors about the long term profit and sustainable business.”

Hyung believes that GETS will soon overcome this challenge as the Cambodian government and relevant organization have been working hard to encourage people to invest in green energy sources.

GETS is not only a solar-solution company but seems like an advertiser of a sustainable future for our planet and its inhabitants.

When asked why of all countries GETS chose Cambodia to invest in Hyung Yu replies: “Cambodia, like most developing countries, has abundant renewable energy resources. Meanwhile, I also learn that the government and relevant ministry have also turned their attention to a green economic development to catch up with  other developed countries.”

In the grand opening, Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism, said: “I highly appreciate the Green Earth Technology Services Co, Ltd for its commitment in contributing to policy and strategic plan of the Royal Government in fostering sustainable and responsible green tourism development in Cambodia by bringing the high-end technology solar products.”

What GETS communicates is not only a marketing  strategy but rather a future strategy for all of Cambodia.