How much do you believe in superstitions?

How much do you believe in superstitions?

Heng Brandon, 18, student at Royal University of Phnom Penh
“I don’t believe in ghosts and evils and I’m not superstitious. These things are just abstractions. No one can identify or prove that these things exist in the world. I might not be superstitious, but I do pray when I walk through a forest or rural area, especially in the dark. It doesn’t mean that there is some spirit to protect me, but it just helps me feel calm and comfortable when I do.”

Nou Pichpanha, 19, student at University of Cambodia
“Sometimes I can be a little superstitious, especially about ghosts and evil spirits. I’ve experienced it m yself. Usually when someone talks about ghosts I get very afraid so I don’t like to be out alone or in dark places. I’m not afraid, just cautious. As for fortune tellers, I do not believe in telling the future. I believe in fate, but also in luck. The only limit on my success is me.”

Pok Sopisal, 18, student at Institute of Technology of Cambodia
“In my opinion, there isn’t very much depth to superstitions. Most of these myths that you hear come from fictional books, television or the radio – they’re just rumours. I’ve never been attacked by ghosts or anything. Superstitious tales are fun to listen to but they are never true. Some people believe in fortune tellers too, and do everything they say. But I don’t believe them, how can someone you don’t know see into your future?”

Vanna Phuong Vichea, 18, student at Institute of Foreign Languages
“I guess you could say I am very superstitious. It’s because I have experienced abnormal things before. Sometimes I feel cold and I see a long haired woman in white clothes standing in front of me. I even have bad dreams where I am haunted by demons and ghosts. So I pray quite often and it helps me to feel calm and strong, especially when I am scared.”

Yeth Thida, 18, student at Cambodia University
“I think that I am a very superstitious person. It’s because my parents are also the same and they passed on their beliefs to me. Also, before I do something, I usually pray and my prayers are heard because they come true. I do not believe that there is some evil spirit that is following me or haunting me, but I do think that there is energy around us that we cannot see, and it moves us. But I really believe that it’s important to pray because it gives you confidence, courage and it helps you find peace.”


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