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CPP stands up to their critics
This week Cambodia's ruling party was busy defending itself against a bevy of complaints

Sam Rainsy is the president of the major opposition party. We cannot say that Cambodia is a democratic country when the opposition leader has been sentenced by the court for political reasons,”

- Comments from SRP spokesman Yim Sovann on Sept. 20.

If you don’t come to jail, the prison will go to take you. In recent days [the SRP] tested Samdech Chea Sim, but Samdech Chea Sim responded that [he would] let the court proceed with its job.”

- Comments duringthe inauguration of the city’s newest bridge.

Although the Constitution of Cambodia provides for the separation of powers between the three main organs of the State, in practice the distinction between these organs is blurred and the executive branch dominates the judiciary,”

- Excerpt from In a report released publicly last Thursday by Surya Subedi, the UN’s special rapporteur for human rights,

Now we are taking care to strengthen the system and strengthen the law. [Subedi] doesn’t know what’s going on in Cambodia.”

- Phay Siphan, spokesman for the Council of Ministers, in an interview with the Post.

A large number of Cambodian warriors of Vietnamese descent... had been brought in to [assassinate Abhisit Vejjajiva]. I must warn the premier about the reports of an assassination plot against him.”

- Thai metropolitan police commissioner Santhan Chayanont.

The Thai government should apprehend the suspects and show evidence. Cambodia officially rejects this unruly information.”

- Koy Kuong, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Lake evictions

Boeung Kak lake

6 families living near Boeung Kak lake who said last week that their village chief and representatives of the development company Shukaku Inc had threatened to demolish their homes early next month.
$1,000 the compensation offer made to these families for their homes.
133 hectares of lakeside land aquired by Cambodian People’s Party Senator Lao Meng Khin, who heads Shukaku, in 2007.
78 The number of hectares initially supported by an environmental impact assessment of the project, that Phnom Penh Governor Kep Chuktema said the municipality had conducted, according to a story in the Post in August 2008 about the beginning of the controversial development project.
4,000 families that housing rights groups say the project will displace.
450 Lakeside residents present to hear Kep Chuktema say: “Some critics say Boeung Kak aids flood protection, but they are not scholars who are studying the impact. We can develop Boeung Kak as long as we prepare a drainage
Boeung Trabek lake

500 estimated families near Boeung Trabek lake who representatives said local officials refused to meet with Monday to discuss an eviction order set to be carried out later this month.
5 days until the looming September 27 deadline for residents to move out. Construction machinery is already standing by.

Not Exactly
News Trends

PHILIPPINE authorities are investigating a woman suspected of dumping her newborn baby in a bin in an aircraft toilet. AFP
MALAYSIA’S first school for pregnant teenagers welcomed its inaugural batch of students yesterday, defying criticism of the facility. AFP

It's not easy to find, or be, a good man

South Korea’s national human rights commission has ruled that two match-making agencies must stop height discrimination when signing up men as members. AFP

A STUDY has found that husbands who smoke at home are shortening their wives’ lives. The study also found that Chinese women with lots of healthy habits tend to live longer than compatriot peers with less healthy lifestyles. AFP

A great week to be young and athletic

Team Cambodia’s goodwill mission to the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro for the 2010 Homeless World Cup took flight last Thursday for street soccer’s biggest carnival.

Phnom Penh Crown Football Club launched the Kingdom’s first fully fledged football academy, where 22 boys aged under 13 will be able to hone their skills.

Big Stories
THE Khmer Rouge tribunal issued formal indictments for former Khmer Rouge head of state Khieu Samphan, foreign minister Ieng Sary, social action minister Ieng Thirith and Brother No 2 Nuon Chea, who face charges including genocide and crimes against humanity.
AFGHANISTAN began counting votes on Sunday in parliamentary elections tainted by allegations of fraud and a low voter turnout after deadly Taliban violence.
FOLLOWING the suspension of more than 200 union representatives in response to last week’s large-scale strike, 12 garment workers were injured in clashes with police.
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Laugh a little
APPLE has denied a Japanese media report that its CEO Steve Jobs was stopped at a local airport with ninja throwing stars in his carry-on luggage and had a heated exchange with security officials.

The tabloid Spa! magazine report, widely read on the internet, said an irritated Jobs told airport officials: “I’m hardly planning to hijack my own private jet. What a country. I’m not coming again.” AFP


  • The hairy little heroes saving many lives in rural Cambodia

    IN RURAL Siem Reap province, rats dare to tread where no person will, as these hairy little heroes place their lives on the line each day for the good of the local community. The rodents are the most important members of a special team, leading

  • Hun Sen’s China visit ‘a good opportunity’

    Prime Minister Hun Sen’s visit to Beijing on Sunday to discuss economic and trade issues presents a good opportunity for the Kingdom to strengthen Chinese ties and counter punitive measures by the West, an analyst says. The prime minister’s four-day official visit to

  • Former chief bodyguard receives royal pardon

    The former chief bodyguard of late Senate president Chea Sim has received a royal pardon nearly eight years after he was sentenced to 15 years behind bars on several charges, according to a royal decree dated November 12, last year, and obtained by The Post on Wednesday.

  • PM warns EU and opposition on 34th anniversary of his rule

    HUN Sen reached the milestone of 34 years as Cambodian prime minister on Monday and used the groundbreaking ceremony for a new ring road around Phnom Penh to tell the international community that putting sanctions on the Kingdom meant killing the opposition. “Please don’t forget